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image: WikiPedia Commons

The 2020-21 school semester is upon us in some wacky shape or form. Whether your college/university will be virtual, in-class, or some combination of the two you want to honor this important time in your life with some fresh ink. Below we have put together a list of ideas and inspirations for a fun “back to school” tattoo that you won’t ever regret.

4 Fun and Timeless Tattoo Ideas to Honor Your Post Secondary Education Experience

1. Thornton Melon

There’s nary a more iconic image for the concept than Rodney Dangerfield’s “Thornton Melon” bursting through the “Back to School” movie poster with hard-earned degree in hand. You can take the poster design (right here) to your tattooist for a quick and easy transfer. If you want to customize it you can always replace his grill with your own, although your Psychology 101 prof may have something to say regarding issues with your structural id-ego-superego model.

2. School Athletics

Are you on an athletic scholarship? Even if you don’t have the skills for the school to pay your bills but enough to make the team (or cheer squad) an athletic career at an educational institution is a big deal – get it tattooed to honor that fact. We’re not just talking designs of basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, lacrosse balls, and baseballs (as applicable) but also team names, insignias, and or even the mascot. If you’re entering your fourth year and you have the same team jersey number through it all that also makes for a great design.

3. Pledge Greek

If you’re a second, third, or fourth year student (or more) and are already in a fraternity or sorority then getting the greek letters for kappa-beta-whatever is a logical choice. If you’re first year but a shoe-in (i.e. a legacy) for the socio-educational organization that your forefathers/foremothers joined then it also makes sense. Heck, even if you’re not 100% sure you’ll make the cut after rush week, getting the letters can help you show some serious commitment to house leaders and brothers/sisters to be.

4. Your Major

We suppose since this is an educational piece we should interject some logic. What’s more logical for a back to school tattoo for post secondary and undergraduate students than a design to symbolize your major? Every major has a symbol connected to it that would translate well to a tattoo. For example, if you’re getting a law degree, the scales of justice are a golden idea! If you’re a med student, tattoo a the caduceus symbol which has been adopted by the field of medicine, although a stethoscope around your neck would be much cooler. Whether a business, economics, history, math, engineering or environmental major there is a perfect symbol waiting to be rendered as a tattoo.

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