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There are plenty of places to get your ears pierced in any major city, especially Vancouver BC. As someone who is ready to get tae piercing for the first time, or to get another one (or more), you are narrowing down your options. Knowing that a number of full-service tattoo shops offer piercing you can’t help but wonder, are they a better alternative to piercing-only studios or fashion accessory shops that you find in malls and other retail centers? We think so. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tattoo Shops for Ear Piercing Over Other Types of Shops and Studios

Health and Safety Expertise for All Body Modifications

When you go to a tattoo shop for an ear piercing, you walk into a venue that has expertise in all things related to body modifications. The space and staff upholds the highest standards in health and safety because in addition to ear piercing, the studio does piercings for other parts of the body, along with tattoos, that come with higher risks of infection if said standards are not met or exceeded. Simply put, when you get your ears pierced at a tattoo shop, you gain peace of mind that your health and wellness is in excellent hands.

Premium Selection of Body Jewelry

Tattoo shops that do ear piercings generally have much higher standards when it comes to the body jewelry that they use for clients. For instance, Adrenaline Studios carries some of the finest body jewelry in the city and Canadian market as a whole. Ear piercing jewelry includes internally threaded, biocompatible, implant-grade metals such as titanium, surgical steel, and 14k gold. Once your ear piercing has healed, you can return to handpick jewelry that incorporates more intricate gems and styles that will help you enjoy your newly minted ears even more, for years to come.

Become a Part of the Culture

People who get their ears pierced at fashion accessory stores and piercing only studios get them done, and are done. They typically don’t return to those specific spaces for more. People who get their ears pierced at a reputable tattoo shop such as Adrenaline, instantly become a part of the shop’s family and are adopted into the culture of body art and modifications. For this reason we have been blessed to have clients come in for first time ear piercings and return for outer ear piercings (snug, forward helix, etc.) and inner ear piercings (rook, outer conch, etc.) along with lip, belly, and brow piercings in addition to tattoos. Our shops become a gathering place of like-minded souls where connections are made and friendships are formed. We look forward to you joining us and our ever-growing family at Adrenaline VanCity.


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