Visiting our BC locations and looking for a nose or oral piercing? We require you to be double vaccinated for a minimum of 14 days before receiving this service. You won’t be able to book these piercings online, but you may call our Granville or Kitsilano locations to book, or chance a walk-in (time permitting).

Paul Peddie is the newest member of our Kitsilano locale, with 21 years of experience as a full-time tattooer. While Paul is a versatile tattoo artist, he specializes in larger-scale illustrative, graphic, and comical styles – bold outlines, bright colours, deep contrast, and plenty of movement and flow. Paul is a workhorse within any shop, and when not tattooing a custom-made design for one of his clients, he can always be found either drawing or painting one of his newly formed ideas that consistently inspire him to do so.