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Best Animal Tattoo Artists Near Me in Vancouver BC

You’re a lover of the animal kingdom, and rightfully so given that they are so much better than us humans. That being said, we do need to rely on the latter for certain services, which includes tattooing. And as someone searching for the “best animal tattoo artists near me” you demand access to top talent who can deliver on the design of a furry or feathery friend that means something special to you in some shape or form. If located anywhere in the BC Lower Mainland your search ends here with Adrenaline VanCity. Here’s why!

Why Choose Adrenaline VanCity When Looking for the Best Animal Tattoo Artists Near You in Vancouver BC

Artists Specializing in Preferred Animal Styles

There are a large number of tattooing styles, and any one of them can be applied to create an eye-catching animal tattoo. That being said, when people search for animal tattoo specialists, they are generally looking for certain styles that align extremely well with the concept. These include the following:

  • Realism portrait
  • Realism color with illustrative techniques
  • American traditional
  • Neo-traditional (a more contemporary take on American traditional)

Adrenaline VanCity locations have artists on staff to cover these styles (and much more) to ensure that you get the animal tattoo you want.

Animal Tattoo Artists Near You

We’ve covered the design style component, now let’s get to the practical part of your online search. No matter where in the BC Lower Mainland you are located, you have easy access to the best animal tattoo artists through Adrenaline VanCity. We have a total of three Greater Vancouver BC locations (view them all here) including a shop in Kitsilano, a studio on Granville Street in the downtown core, and another in Mount Pleasant on Main Street. Each is easily accessible via public transit, bike, or vehicle, with plenty of parking and nearby amenities.

Examples of Animal Tattoos to Inspire Yours

Now that we’ve covered varying tattooing styles and the logistics of your “best animal tattoo artists near me” query we can now get to the visuals. Below is a selection of work completed by tattooists at Adrenaline VanCity locations that may inspire the style, design, and theme of your upcoming animal tattoo. Have a look below and let us know what you prefer for your unique work of animalistic body art. Be sure to reference the respective bios of the artists as well, for a deeper look into their respective portfolios.

Best Animal Tattoo Artists Near Me in Vancouver BC

Featured Artists from Adrenaline VanCity:

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