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Can You Get a Tattoo if Your Skin is Peeling from Sunburn

We’ve been blessed with some much needed hot and sunny weather of late. But while your days on the beach, patio, and/or backyard provide some much needed solace the sun may have taken its toll on your skin. For many a mild to moderate sunburn is nothing more than an irritation, but if you have a tattoo scheduled you may have thrown a wrench into your plans. Should you proceed with your appointment or walk-in? Let’s review.

What to Consider Before Getting Tattooed When Your Skin is Peeling from a Mild to Moderate Sunburn

How Bad is the Peeling?

There are varying levels of peeling and that will absolutely impact how bad the burn was – and what it means for your up and coming tattoo.

If the peeling is mild, without unveiling a layer of skin that is a different color than your surface epidermis, then you’re not looking at much of a delay. In this case, your skin is probably not sensitive to the touch. Assuming that after peeling your skin tone remains even and is not sensitive, you can continue with your tattoo plans. It’s still a good idea to let your tattooist know during the next consultation. They will let you know if you should reschedule.

If the burn and subsequent peeling is more severe, you will have to wait longer. For one, the tone (color) between the peeled areas and the rest of your skin must be even (or returned to its normal state) before proceeding. In addition, your skin must not be sensitive. If it looks fine but exhibits an uncharacteristic reaction to stimuli then it has not yet fully healed. Test out the area by having someone run their finger nails (better than your own) over the general zone where your burn and peel was to see if you’re ready. Again, inform your tattooist ahead of time so that they can advise you accordingly.

Post-Peel Skin Preparation

Everyone should prepare their skin for a tattoo, at least four weeks in advance. If you’ve recently peeled from a sunburn, you will have experienced a little bit of a setback but you can still enjoy a successful ink job by ramping up your preparation. For one, don’t expose your skin (the area getting tattooed) to the sun again prior to your appointment. You skin has recently healed so immediate exposure to UV will only make matters worse. In addition, moisturize often, stay well-hydrated, and avoid alcohol for about two-weeks leading into your session. Lastly – improve the health of your skin from the inside out by eating nutritious foods that are high in essential fatty acids (EFAs) and antioxidants. View more on how to prepare you skin for a tattoo – which you will need to follow to a tee after post-sunburn peeling.

If you already have a tattoo appointment scheduled and you have recently experienced peeling skin after a sunburn then get in touch with your tattooist right away. They will likely want you to come in for an inspection to determine whether or not you need to reschedule. If you planned on doing a walk-in, then let your artist know during your initial consultation. In the end, a truly professional tattooist will guide you down the right path and get you tattooed, be it today, tomorrow, or in a few short weeks from now. Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation.