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Can You Tattoo Your Palms

Last week we answered the question “Can You Tattoo Your Knuckles?“. This week we’re flipping things around (literally) to respond to those who want to get their palms tattooed. Like with the former, you can certainly do so as any area of skin can accommodate ink, but in this case we’re talking about one of the most complicated parts of your body. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to consider before booking your consultation.

What You Need to Know About Getting the Palms of Your Hands Tattooed

What the Pain Will be Like

There are a total of 17,000 touch receptors and free nerve endings in each of your palms. They have been “designed” to pick-up sensations of pressure, movement, vibration, and pain.  The pressure, movement, and vibration of the tattoo gun’s needle will make you feel a significant amount of pain. How intense will it be? It depends upon your threshold for pain, but do be prepared for a significant amount of discomfort. The good news, is that the palm of your hand is slightly less sensitive than the inside of your fingertips but the tattoo will hurt more than getting it done elsewhere on your arm.

Make Time to Heal

It goes without saying that you need to follow aftercare instructions closely. You’ll have to get accustomed to grabbing things with your hand and fingers in a spider position until it heals. It will be about 6-weeks before you can apply the normal pressure/friction to your palms and return to semi-normal “hands-on” activities. If you work with your hands at all, be you a skilled laborer, chef, server, or commercial driver this would be a good time to use your vacation days. The same goes for weight lifting and other fitness activities. Your goal to set the world record for push-ups will have to wait a little longer. Allowing one to two weeks to let your palm heal without compromise will make the remaining four or five weeks go much smoother.

One Palm at a Time

If you want to get both palms tattooed, don’t do both in the same 6-week period. It will be like having both arms in a cast. While one is healing, you will need to reply on the latter for a wide number of daily tasks. We know you’re excited about getting them both done (especially if it’s a matching design) but unless you have a butler waiting on you hand and foot (Downton Abbey style) you’ll be at a loss without at least one-healed hand to use.

Touchups Required

The skin on your palms has a faster regrowth pattern than the skin on the rest of your body. This may sound like a good thing, but it’s what makes palm tattoos more susceptible to faster fading. As a result, palm tattoos require retouching every few years. Aftercare, maintenance (moisturizing, etc.), and how much you use your hands (vocation, fitness, etc.) will extend the life of your palm tattoo, but do be prepared for touchups through life.

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