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Where to Buy Tattoo Designs - Choose a Tattoo for Me Vancouver

We may be Vancouver and Toronto’s go-to destination for those who want to get a tattoo designed. but many people prefer to dispense with that part of the process and instead want a tattoo that’s readymade. There are benefits to this (which we discuss below) and thanks to our new Claim Your Tattoo platform it got a whole lot easier. Keep reading.

Benefits and Everything Else You Need to Know About Using Our New Claim a Tattoo Platform

Advantages of Choosing a Readymade Design for Your Next Tattoo

This is the most convenient path towards getting your first or next tattoo. The benefits include the following:

Great for the Undecided – Some people simply can’t make a decision about a design, and this is what has caused them from getting a tattoo up until this point. By having designs already catalogued online and ready for review, you can simply browse the collection of artist renderings, claim it, and book your appointment. It’s that easy!

More Cost Efficient – Your expert tattooist has already designed the tattoo. As the creator, there is no “guess work” (for a lack of better words) and fewer minutes or hours required to turn the concept into a sketch and then to thermal transfer paper. Our tattooists have priced these custom designs with your budget in mind. Once you’ve completed the purchase the tattoo is yours and the tattooist is ready to apply it to your skin. This is absolutely the most cost effective platform for getting a tattoo.

It’s Quicker – For the same reasons listed above, the new platform is the quickest way to getting your tattoo. You’ve chosen the tattoo from the available collection, made your purchase, and the tattooist is ready to get the job done.

How It Works (at Adrenaline Studios)

Our choose-and-claim a tattoo platform is seamless.

To get started, visit our available collections. From this impressive collection you’ll find a perfect match for your tastes and budget. Click on that design, add-to-cart, and complete your purchase, which is a deposit on the tattoo. At that point the design is yours! Soon after you’ve completed the purchase deposit a staff member will call and/or email you to book an appointment.

There a minimum sizes to ensure that the integrity of the tattoo itself is not compromised. Of course, the larger the tattoo, the more hours required, but as detailed above this is indeed the most cost-efficient means to getting your dream tattoo. And similar to the non-fungible token (NFT) market we have placed limits on design availability. Factor in the fact that we are making a large number of designs available over the weeks and months to come and you’ll find peace mind that you’ll rarely (likely never) bump into someone with the exact same tattoo.

Learn more about the claim a tattoo platform. If you have any additional questions about how it works feel free to contact Adrenaline Studios at your convenience.