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Eagle Tattoo Ideas Vancouver BC

Eagles are commonly associated with freedom, but they are also known to represent honesty, truth, integrity, majesty, strength, courage, wisdom, and power. Given the manner of which they roam the sky from high up above (they can reach heights of 10,000 feet) they are believed to have a special connection to an upper power. All of this, and the fact that they are the toughest looking bird around, has made you want to get one tattooed. As a result you’re online and searching for eagle tattoo ideas that make a statement. Below is a look at some designs and concepts (and placements) from the Adrenaline Studios portfolio that may inspire your up and coming work of body art.

Examples of Eagle Tattoo Designs and Placements to Inspire Your Own

The Real Eagle

Have a look at this realism black-and-grey design that was actually done as a cover-up over an unwanted tattoo. This piece is simply amazing, and the placement allows onlookers to enjoy the spirit of this powerful flyer.


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American Traditional Eagle (in color)

Eagles are up there with panthers, tigers, and nautical themes when it comes to the traditional American style of tattooing. We love how sharp and bold this soaring beauty turned out.

American Traditional Eagle (in black & grey)

This is a near replica of the American traditional styled eagle from above, but done in an equally impactful black and grey. The shadings are done to perfection, and like the bald eagle (which live up to 30 years) it will age well.

Neo-Traditional American Eagle

Once again we expand upon the American traditional style, with more intricate detail to tip it into the neo-traditional realm. The added details comes courtesy of a snake, which is impeded in battle with our powerful protagonist. This has a Good vs Evil vibe that bodes well for anyone seeking added symbolism.

Here’s another highly detailed version, without the foe to contend with. Even on its own it conveys power and strength over all that may seek to do you harm.



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