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Spring is in the air (at press) which may be what has inspired you to get a flower tattoo. Either that (or in addition) you appreciate the symbolism of them. Nearly every species (there are over 400,000 flowering plant types) holds its own meaning. They can represent everything from purity and love to growth and prosperity along with all things beyond and between. In fact, you have probably already decided upon which species (roses, orchids, etc.) to get inked on your physique. What you want help with is flower tattoo placement ideas. For this we have decided to pull inspiration from our Granville Street Vancouver tattoo shop artist portfolios which you can find in-part on the studio’s Instagram feed. We have handpicked a few that will help you decide where on your body to place your upcoming flower tattoo.

Body Placement Ideas for Your Next Flower Tattoo

Upper Front-Shoulder to Neck

The most impactful flower tattoos are the ones which appear to rise up the body like a climbing species ascending a garden trellis. The region encompassing the clavicle, front trapezius, sternocleidomastoid muscle, and neck is ideal because it allows the lower portion to be hidden, with the above-collar section inciting curiosity from onlookers. We love how this one turned out:


The forearm is an epic place to get a medium-sized flower tattoo. It’s highly visible when wearing a short-sleeved shirt which lets you (and others) enjoy it when needed most amidst Vancouver’s often gloomy climate. This one instantly brightens up the day:

Area Above the Endometrium (Women)

Flowers have long been a metaphor for the sexual anatomy of women. Monica Geller certainly agrees. Consider this (ladies) for your upcoming flower tattoo as the area above the endometrium works great. This mandala-patterned lotus flower is a perfect example:

On the Hands

Wouldn’t it be nice to present flowers to everyone you greet with a hug, fist bump, or shake? Well you can when you get a flower tattooed on your hand, like this:

Outer-Upper Thigh

If you want a large, bright, and beautiful flower tattoo, placement doesn’t get much better than the outer-upper thigh. When done under the expert hand of Adrenaline tattooists you’ll be excited to wear bikini bottoms and short-shorts to show off the mural.



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