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Foot Tattoo Removal Vancouver BC Toronto ON

Do you stare down at your foot and not like what you see? If the concern can’t be solved by a pedicure then the chances are that this aesthetic concern is in reference to your unwanted foot tattoo. It makes you self-conscious about wearing open shoes and sandals or frolicking barefoot in front of others. As a result you’re ready to move forward with removal, but before you do you want to make sure you do so in the right direction. Below is everything you need to know.

What You Need to Know Before Deciding Where and When to Get a Foot Tattoo Removed

Pain Threshold

There are more nerve endings in your feet than anywhere else in your body. We’re talking about 200,000 in each peddle pusher! It’s why most people are so very ticklish in the lowest of human anatomy extremities, but also why the feet are so sensitive to pain. You already know this, seeing as you received a foot tattoo years ago. Will it hurt as much to remove it as it was to get it? It will sting, but the choice of tattoo removal system will make a huge difference. Surgical excision is the worst possible solution when it comes to pain (and effectiveness), so avoid that route altogether and opt for laser. That said, choice of laser system matters as well. Some clinics use Q-switched lasers, which employ photo-thermal pulses that heat the skin and surrounding tissues. This procedure creates significant pain and discomfort. When it comes to mitigating pain, there is only one option to consider – the PicoSure laser system. The PicoSure laser tattoo removal system leverages photomechanical technology to disintegrate ink particles, which for most people equates far less pain and discomfort when compared to all alternatives.

Shortest Path to Full Removal

The aforementioned Q-switched lasers not only create more (than necessary) pain, they require a greater number of sessions to accomplish complete (to the general eye) removal. The PicoSure system on the other hand, boasts a shorter recovery time between sessions which subsequently results in fewer required treatments. Depending upon the the size and color tone of your foot tattoo, you may be able to wear those flip flops sooner than you initially imagined.

Coverup Instead?

You may not have considered a coverup for your foot tattoo. You may have assumed that the tattoo was too complex or deep-toned to perform a coverup that wasn’t just a blob of black ink. But with the PicoSure system you can fade (versus fully remove) the ink to the point that a successful coverup is entirely viable. Since you’re only fading the tattoo you will require fewer sessions which will significantly reduce your cost. More importantly, you’ll finally be able to get the tattoo that you always wanted. With this route you’ll be even closer to kicking your feet up on the coffee table and staring at them (and your fresh tattoo) with pride (assuming that you also get that pedicure too).

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