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Where to Get a Tattoo as a Teacher

Historically the teaching profession was a bit more reluctant to adopt tattoos as a part of the “uniform”. But with body ink being more mainstream than ever before, younger and up and coming educators are no longer shying away from the idea. That said, the old guard still maintains in some local curriculums where principals, deans, and administrators may frown upon visible tattoos. Today we’re going to take a look at your options and a few other things to consider.

4 Things Teachers Should Consider Before Getting a Tattoo

1. Check School Policies About Tattoos

Most educational institutions will have policies in place. The assumption is that they will have rules against highly-visible tattoos (which can be addressed in item #2 below) but you may instead find that with more modern institutions (especially arts-based programs) those rules are much more relaxed. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted because you assumed your employer (local school board) would not allow it? Take a page from your class and do your homework to see what isn’t…or is…allowed. You may be pleasantly surprised.

2. Best Parts of the Body for Teachers to Get Tattooed

If you work in a stick-in-the-mud curriculum you want to be able to hide the tattoo, but you should still be able to express yourself after that 3 PM bell rings. Consider spots that can be kept under wraps when under the watchful eye of the evil 80s movie principal/dean, but allow you to show off it off with ease just in case you want those troubled teens to know that you’re just like them (another 80s flick theme). The following spots will accommodate this goal:

  • Upper forearm (just roll down/up sleeves as needed)
  • Lower bicep / tricep
  • Wrist (can cover/uncover with a watch)

Otherwise, all other parts of the body which can be hidden easily with traditional teacher garb (i.e. a shirt, pants, or skirt) make sense.

3. Design Idea – Subject Appropriate Tattoo

If getting the tattoo in a spot you can appropriately show off to your students from time to time, show them you’re committed to your craft (and their education) with a design that speaks your specialization. Are you a math teacher? Pick your favorite formula. Chemistry teacher? Choose your favorite element from the periodic table. Physics? What’s more appropriate than E = mc2? English, drama, and philosophy teachers/profs can confidently roll with a quote from Emerson, Shakespeare, or Socrates. You get the idea.

4. Another Design Idea – School Insignia

If you’ve been proudly teaching at an educational institution for many years and have no plans of leaving, why not wear your school “patch” with pride? Most school insignias are inherently cool and predisposed as a tattoo design. Plus, your nemesis (principal/dean) can’t get mad when they discover your tattoo actually honors the institution.

If you teach within (or are visiting) the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area and are ready to get a tattoo we encourage you to schedule a consultation at an Adrenaline Studios near you.