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Getting a Forearm Tattoo Vancouver Toronto

One of the tried and true spots on the body for getting a tattoo is also one of the most mulled over. After all, it is up front and center for all to see, at least in the spring and summertime in Canada. Still, the lower arm canvas is ripe for an amazing design and allows you to wear your heart on your sleeve. In order to help you get a better grip on the forearm tattoo concept we have detailed the three key things you need to consider before scheduling that first consultation.

3 Things to Consider When Getting a Tattoo on Your Forearm

1. Does It Hurt?

The median nerve runs from the base of your shoulder through to your fingertips, which means it falls in line of your forearm tattoo. If getting a tattoo on your outer (dorsal) forearm, you will ink over your radial nerve which innervates the dozen muscles in the posterior osteofascial compartment of your forearm along with the associated joints, and more importantly (in this context), the overlying skin. If getting a tattoo on your inner (ventral) forearm, the ulnar nerve which enters the anterior compartment of the forearm is impacted.

All this is fancy talk that lets you know that yes, there is some potential for pain, but given that your forearms are exposed to the elements on a daily basis and come in frequent impact content at work, play, sports, and more you will have developed thicker skin (literal and figurative) here when compared to other parts of your body. More pain will be felt in the upper part of the forearm as you approach the funny bone (where the ulnar nerve resides) and on the ventral zone.

In a well known study that ranked subjects on expected (opinion) and observed (actual) pain in the arm when subjected to a needle, the ventrum of the forearm ranked highest with a mean pain score of 3.63 (for both expected and observed) on a five-point scale. Not terrible by any means, however, if you’re extremely averse to pain but want a forearm tattoo you may want to consider the dorsal (outer) side.

2. Quality Is Even More Important

Again, a forearm tattoo is highly visible to the public so you will want to put a lot of thought and planning into the design. The more you know what you want, the more you can communicate to your prospective tattooist, and the happier you will be with the end result. Starting today, begin compiling a collage of designs you like so that you can sit down with the artist and compare notes until they deliver a rendition you LOVE. Of course, finding the right artist is key, so follow this 5-step guide to vetting a tattooist near you, and also do your homework regarding a reputable tattoo studio. There is simply no room for error when it comes to a forearm tattoo because the whole world is going to see it. More on this below.

3. Is Safe to Roll Up Your Sleeves at Work? 

We’ve talked to a lot of clients who said the primary thing that kept them from getting a forearm tattoo, was their career. Concerned about what their “boss” may think, clients opted for more covered areas, until one day they found themselves in the position where what the headcheese thinks no longer matters. That’s why you see proportionately more tattooed entrepreneurs and committed business owners becoming more comfortable with ink on their forearms. But here in 2019, the concern simply doesn’t matter like it used to. In fact, studies are showing that visible tattoos (forearms included) can help with many careers to the point that it’s becoming an invaluable branding tool, so to speak. View more on how a tattoo can impact your career in a positive way.

Ready to roll with your forearm tattoo? Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation and to make sure you get the best possible result.