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Getting a Tattoo and Piercing on the Same Day

A walk in the forest may help with your decision

Can you get a tattoo and piercing on the same day? Believe it or not, this question comes up from time to time, and to be honest, there is no clear cut answer. Of course, it’s absolutely viable, but whether or not you should, or if a given studio/shop will agree to do it, depends a lot on you. Read below to see what we mean.

5 Things to Consider If You Want to Get a Tattoo and Piercing on the Same Day

1. Your Motivation for Doing So

What’s the rush? If you’re having a sudden fit of rebellion after some life changing event then give it a week or two to cool down and reassess why you feel the need to get both done in one “sitting”. Another reason some choose to do this is when they come upon some extra cash and fear that they’ll spend it before getting the ink and piercing they’ve always wanted. Be sure you can truly afford it before doing the double whammy or financial regret may set in. It may make more sense to get one first, and then come back for the other once you get your finances in order (see how responsible we’re being?).

However, there are some pretty reasonable motivations. If a major turning point in your life calls for it, and you’re looking for your “Phoenix rising from the fire” moment, it makes sense. For example, you may have been stuck in a “professional” career that handcuffed your ability to express yourself (via tattoos, piercings, etc.) for quite some time, and have now started your own business and gained the freedom to finally be you and you want to celebrate the occasion with maximum impact. We get it.

Another reasonable motivation is practicality. You may be traveling on vacation and in a city with much better options for tattoo/piercing and want to get ‘er done all at once before heading back to the boonies (or wherever). This makes sense too.

In the end, be sure to reassess your motivations for getting both procedures done in one day. If it can wait, then give it a few days to mitigate the pain and discomfort that can come from both. Keep reading for more on this point.

2. Your Threshold for Pain

If you have a low threshold for pain then getting both procedures done within a 24-72 hour window is not be a good idea.

The dynamics of the tattoo and piercing also factor into this equation. Bigger and more complicated tattoos will hurt more, as will placement on certain parts of your body. Also consider where on your body you will get your piercing, as some areas will hurt much more than others. Relatively uncomplicated tattoos/piercings in low-pain zones make the prospect of the two-in-one punch much more realistic.

After discussion with you on the matter, the tattoo and piercing studio will be the one to make this final call.

3. Your Current Health and Wellness

If you’re afflicted with a medical condition that equates low immunity then you should not get both procedures done within the same week, or even month for that matter. If this is you, consult with your family doctor for guidance before “double booking” your appointment. You need to make sure that your body is able to do what it needs to do to heal your tattoo (or piercing) before moving on to the piercing (or tattoo).

Even without a “condition” your general health and wellness should be considered. If it typically takes you longer than normal to heal from any sort of acute physical trauma (no matter how small) then spread your procedures a part.

4. Your Preparation Leading Up to the Appointment/s

If committed to getting both done on the same day, and your studio of choice permits it after consultation, then do all you can to prepare beforehand. The right preparation will help mitigate pain, discomfort, and nausea. Follow these steps to preparing your skin for a tattoo, and review our piercing and body jewelry FAQ in advance to ensure that the table is set for success. Make sure you’re well fed with “clean” foods that won’t creep up on you during your tattoo and/or piercing sitting and stay well hydrated throughout.

5. Access to a Studio Renowned for Both Tattooing and Piercing

This is the most important consideration. Your choice of studio is everything. For one, find a shop that offers professional tattooing and piercing so that you’re not bouncing around between two different places. When moving from one to the next, the latter won’t be able to gauge your readiness (pain, fatigue, etc.) to accept the procedure because they haven’t been with you the whole time. You need that open communication between tattooist and piercer to make sure the process goes without a hitch.

Also, a professional shop will conduct a proper assessment of your emotional and physical state and will let you know (after consultation) whether or not getting both done in one day is a wise decision.

Lastly, a reputable shop will follow a stringent protocol when it comes to safety and site/equipment cleanliness, ensuring a sanitary tattooing and piercing environment. These tips on how to choose a tattoo shop will help guide you in the right direction. And for those of you in Vancouver BC or Toronto ON, that direction can be found right here. Contact us accordingly for your consultation.