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How Many is Too Many Tattoos

As a tattoo studio, you might expect our answer to be “no such thing”. It’s not uncommon to find clients walk out of our Vancouver and Toronto shops with more ink than skin. That said, we do recognize that like with any passion and lifestyle, there are problematic scenarios from time to time. We’re going to address those today. Let’s review.

3 Things to Consider When Determining Whether or Not It’s Time to Stop Getting Tattooed

When it Might be an Addiction

It’s one thing to self-proclaim in a lighthearted way that you’re “addicted” to something. You may have even said “I’m addicted to tattoos” the last time your mom asked about what you got another one. However, in some cases it’s most certainly no laughing matter. Psychology Today has defined addictive characteristics that do not involve chemical substances. If you recognize the following, it may be time to put the breaks on tattoos and speak with a therapist:

  • Does it give you a feeling of self worth?
  • Does it take precedence over everything else in your life?
  • Do you do it to make you feel better (a reward response)?
  • Does pausing it (for a year or more) make you feel anxious and uncomfortable?
  • Does it disrupt your life (socially, romantically, professionally)?

If you answered in the affirmative to one of the above, you’re not automatically defined as an addict by any means. It just may be a good idea to give yourself a break. However, if you answered “yes” to more than one, or all, then we do encourage you to speak to a registered counsellor online to find out if there is an underlying concern.

You’re Spending All of Your Money

If you are consistently late on rent, bills, and/or other necessary expenses yet find a way to pay for new tattoos, you have too many tattoos (for now). In this case, go stack some serious (and sustainable) paper, then come back for your next tattoo. However, this conclusion doesn’t apply to disposable expenditures such as dining out, cocktails with friends, going to the movies, travel, new clothes, and so forth. In our opinion a tattoo takes precedence such leisurely things.

It’s Not Fun Anymore

You may have had some grand design in mind for your tattooed body. Some themes tell a story and with each new addition you get closer to tying it all together. Honestly, that’s a cool way to go. However, if you find that you’re doing it out of obligation to your original goal, but no longer feel joy with each new tattoo, it’s time to stop. Perhaps the desire and pleasure will return again one day, at which point you can pickup where you left off, but for now – if it ain’t fun, give it a rest.