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How to Find a Tattoo Artist that Fits You in Vancouver BC

Are you preparing for your first tattoo? Or are you adding to a collection and are no longer in contact with the tattooist/s that contributed to your growing body of work? Whatever the case may be, it’s important to you to connect to a local tattooist who suits your personality, preferred method of collaboration, and desire for a given design. This has led you to come online to inquire – how to find a tattoo artist that fits you? Understanding the importance of establishing a relationship between an artist and client, we have insight into the matter which we have shared below.

4 Steps Finding a Local Tattooist that Suits You

Choose One from a Reputable Studio

To begin with, it’s important to first qualify which studio to select a tattoo artist from. Reputable studios will have invested significant time and effort to ensure that an artist exhibits the requisite certifications, talent, knowledge, skill, professionalism, and dedication to customer service that are required to be a good fit for clients, yourself included. Reference our guide for how to choose a tattoo studio, which will lead you to an artist pool that offers what you need.

Review Portfolios for Styles You Prefer

Professional tattoo shop websites have a section dedicated to tattoo artist profiles. This is where you will begin your discovery. While personality is important (more on this below) remember that it’s the work that you want to connect with more than anything. The tattoo artist will not be with you every day for the rest of your life, but their work of body art will be. When reviewing portfolios, decide upon the style that you want. Tattoo styles include American Traditional (aka Old School), New School, Bio-mechanical, Illustrative, Fine Line, Realism, Traditional Japanese, and more. Match your preferred style to an artist profile that exhibits expertise in the genre and you’ll be on the right track for finding your perfect fit.

Review Bios and Profiles for Personality Fit

Once you’ve identified one or more tattooists who specialize in the style of tattoo you want, we encourage you to explore further to gauge personality fit. There will be some information about them on the shop website’s bio, but to get to know them even better, check out their social media profiles such as Instagram and TikTok. These social media profiles are generally linked from their shop site portfolio. If not, perform an online search using their name and “tattoo” and Google will unveil the rest. As you know, a look at someone’s social profile (especially an artist) will give you some insight into their personality and how it may merge with yours.

Engage in a Consultation

Once you’ve identified a fit for style and personality (as best you can using online tools) you are encouraged to move forward with a consultation. If you want to book this consultation online, mention the name of the tattooist you would like to work with in the comment section of the booking form. If calling the shop instead, do the same with staff reception who you speak with on the phone. This will let you know if there is a waiting list to see the artist. Should there be a long wait (more than a couple of months) you may want to choose a “backup alternative” tattooist, if you absolutely can’t wait to get your tattoo.

That’s it! Make your appointment today, or feel free to walk-in to one of our Greater Vancouver shops anytime. We (and your tattoo artist) look forward to meeting you and becoming a part of your journey into the world of body art.


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