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How to Give Someone a Tattoo Vancouver BC

Become a tattoo artist! All jokes aside, we know that you’re wondering how to give someone a tattoo as a “gift” without grabbing them by the arm and hauling them into a local tattoo shop that is convenient for the both of you. Below is a breakdown of how to make that happen that they will greatly appreciate.

Step-by-Step Guide for How to Give Someone the Gift of a Tattoo

Come Up with Concepts for Them

This is a great idea for those who want a tattoo, but don’t know what to get. It may be what kept them from getting a tattoo in the first place. Nip the potential for further procrastination in the bud by coming up with a design and/or concept for them. Assuming that you know them well, you can identify things that they are passionate about and work from that. Our blog is loaded with tattoo design ideas (scroll around) that you can reference. Otherwise, feel free to follow our guide for Where to Get a Tattoo Designed and have it drawn up for them to present as a part of the gift. They will really appreciate your thoughtful efforts.

Get Them a Tattoo Gift Card

Once you’ve got one or two designs and concepts locked and loaded, we recommend getting your recipient a tattoo gift card. Many people don’t realize that there are gift cards and certificates available at even the most “core” tattoo shops. They can be purchased in person, and often online. If the person you’re giving a tattoo to is located within (or will be visiting) the Greater Vancouver area, you can purchase their tattoo gift card here at Adrenaline VanCity. You can speak with a tattooist at the most convenient location (for your recipient) to get an idea of what the aforementioned design/concept will cost and set the amount accordingly. Alternatively, you can select the amount you’re comfortable with. Worried about if there will be A balance left over on the card after your special someone gets their tattoo (which is likely small if it’s their first time)? Fret not, as Adrenaline Studios locations have clothing, accessories, and body jewelry for sale that the gift card balance can be applied to.

Walk Them In

This is an alternative to the gift card referenced above. If the two of you are located in the same city, you can have some fun by setting aside enough time to “hang out” and walk them right into a tattoo shop and let them know that you’re covering the cost. They will be blown away by this surprise. You will need to qualify the tattoo shop ahead of time (here’s how) and choose one that accepts ‘spontaneous’ walk-ins. Once again, if located or visiting the Greater Vancouver area you’ll be pleased to know that Adrenaline VanCity accepts walk-ins.

How to give someone a tattoo? Adrenaline VanCity can help you put a plan together. Reach out via the link below for a FREE consultation.