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There’s a reason that many people who want tattoos don’t have one, or more, yet – cost. For a quality tattoo (would you want any other kind?) you’re looking at an average of $175 to $190 per hour depending upon size and complexity. While there is no arguing the value of an expert work of art that you will wear on your body for a lifetime, you do need to budget for it, which may require some cost cutting in other areas of your life. We’re certainly no strangers to this topic, as clients often express to us the many ways they were able to set aside some extra dough for their investment in self-expression. Below, we’re sharing practical tips to how you too can make it happen. By following the advice (as it applies) you can get the tattoo you’ve always wanted instead of the one you can only afford, today.

5 Practical Tips to Saving Money for a Tattoo

Netflix and Chill

Do you find yourself going out for a movie, dinner, and drinks more often than you should? It’s hard not too, with nary a day going by without an invite to some sort of gathering. But this habit is an expensive one, with little to show aside from a few extra calories and getting to exchanage the same ol’ stories over and over again. A recent study found that an average night out for a pair in Vancouver and Toronto is $149 and $142 respectively. If you and your companion go out once per week, you’re spending $596/month (Vancouver). Moving forward, find a more fiscally friendly way to enjoy leisure time, with a healthy balance of outdoor activities followed by eating in and some Netflix and chill time. By cutting back for two or three months you will have saved up enough for your dream tattoo.

Take Your Foot Off the Gas

You’ve seen the gas prices. If you drive in Vancouver or Toronto then you know why you can’t currently afford the tattoo you want. Go car-free for three months in the summer and you’ll see how much money you’ll save on gas. Each city has fairly efficient transit and is certainly bountiful with bike lanes. With some small schedule adjustments you can make it work long enough to save up for your ink. And if the lifestyle change works better than expected you can sell your jalopy and get some full body work done – we know how addictive that first tattoo can be.

Take a Staycation

Recent data shows that the average Canadian spends over $2500 per year on travel. We understand that to many of you the experiences and lasting memories make it all worthwhile, but if it’s keeping you getting the tattoo you’ve always wanted (more worthwhile?) then once again it’s time to reconsider priorities. The good news, is that if you’re living in Vancouver or Toronto, you have endless access to outdoor activities, arts and culture, historical sites, and so much more. Taking a staycation in your region and saving money will be easier than expected.

Alternatively, you can simply save money by tying your vacation into your tattoo – getting the work done in the place you intend on visiting. For example, it is not uncommon for us to receive clients who have taken a road trip or hopped a flight from their hometown to get their ink done at one of our renowned studios. Your tattoo will be highlight of your vacation, mitigating the desire to blow your dough on zip lining or whatever else was on your bucket list.

Simply put, sacrifice one trip to LA, Miami, or Cancun (etc.) this year and your bank account will be flush enough to get that tattoo.

Join Shopaholics Anonymous

A new shirt here, a pair of leggings there – it all adds up. Whether you shop at H&M or HERMES you can free up some cash for a tattoo by stopping the shopping for a few short months, only buying the necessities such as socks and undies. Think about it – a tattoo is something you wear on your body for life and makes a far more impactful fashion statement than a new purse of pair of Jordans.

Set Aside Your Free Money

If you’re having trouble saving for a tattoo then you probably don’t yet have the disposable income you need from your job. That’s OK, as you probably get a mini windfall from time to time. Extra cash comes when you have a birthday, when you get tips or a bonus check from work, or more recently (at press) a tax return. Instead of spending it on unnecessary things (as per above) put this “free money” towards your tattoo.

We should conclude with a note regarding your expectations for how much your preferred tattoo will cost. To get a non-speculative idea, set up a consultation wth one of our studios to communicate your  design desires so that you can get a more accurate quote. Then, you will know approximately how much you need to get together – it may end up being less that expected! Contact a studio near you to schedule a friendly consultation.