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How to Try Out a Tattoo

Still on the fence about getting a tattoo? Most of the time this is the case because you’re unsure of how it will look on you, and how others will respond – should you care about that sort of thing. Given the permanent nature of the procedure, you indeed want to make sure that you’ll be comfortable in your own skin after getting it done. There are actually some simple and practical ways to test out how a tattoo will look on you, so that you can move forward with the real deal with greater confidence. Here they are.

4 Easy Ways to Test How a Tattoo Will Look on You

Get a Temporary Tattoo from a Professional Makeup Artist

In most major cities there will be professional makeup artists who among many things specialize in temporary tattoos. They can take the very same design you are considering and apply it to wherever on the body you’re considering it for. Simple black and white designs are applied manually, while others are airbrushed, especially when there is a lot of shading and color required.  Given that many top makeup artists work in the local TV and film business, it can require a small “investment” but it’s still much cheaper than getting a tattoo that you may end up regretting. The more skilled the makeup artist, the more it will cost ($100 and up) but if you have hopes of getting a large (and real) tattoo as an end result, then it will be worth it to give you the peace of mind you need to proceed. Perform an online search for professional makeup artists in your city to find one that can accommodate your request.

DIY Temporary Tattoo

If you, a friend, or family member has some artistic skill you can buy body makeup and/or skin-friendly paint and apply a temporary tattoo. All you need to do is draw an outline (eyeliners and lipliners work well) and fill it in with color or shading (depending on style) as needed. There are also temporary tattoo kits available for less that $20 on Amazon.

This is not as ideal as working with a professional makeup artist, but it’s budget-friendly and will give you a general idea of what ink will look like on your physique. Just be warned that it will smear on your clothing and linens so ensure you don’t wear anything that will come in contact with the design, and wash it off before going to sleep.

Henna Tattoo

This is a logical and eye-catching way to try out body art. It’s also convenient because most cities have an abundance of affordable henna tattoo artists who can be found online. Or, if you plan on attending a local festival there is almost always a henna artist readily available to apply a design for $10-20 bucks.

Custom Tattoo Rub-on “Stickers”

While you could test out small tattoo designs with those 50-cent machines found at your local toy store, there are actually better rub-on (aka “stick-on”) tattoo options available online. Amazon boasts a variety of temporary tattoos where you may actually find a style/design that closely matches what you have in mind. However, there are also services that will take your custom designs and turn them into temporary tattoo rub-on stickers. All you need to do is Google search “custom temporary tattoo stickers” and/or “custom temporary tattoos online“, choose a service, email them your design, wait for the package to arrive in the mail, apply the tattoo, and test it out in public. Once satisfied, follow up with an Adrenaline Studios near you and commit to the real and much more satisfying option.