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I Hate My Tattoo Now What

Have you grown tired of looking down upon your body and/or in the mirror at a tattoo that you despise? You’re not alone, as millions of people go through the same thing every day. And like these millions of disgruntled individuals you’ve gone online to exclaim; “I hate my tattoo!”.

Now what?

The good news, is that you’ve arrived at one resource to point you in the right direction. Below is a simple and succinct step by step plan for how to proceed.

2 Simple Things to do When You Have Decided That You Hate Your Tattoo

Step 1: Decide if You Desire a Cover-Up (or not)

If you still want a tattoo on the same part of your body where the current one exists, decide if you would like a cover-up. Most people assume that they can’t get a coverup because the tattoo they have is too large and/or too darkly toned. This may be a challenge for most tattoo studios, but not for ones that offer access to premium laser tattoo removal service. Laser tattoo removal systems that use photomechanical technology to shatter ink particles can be applied to your unwanted tattoo and effectively fade it to the point that a successful cover-up design can be inked. Whether you decide to do a cover-up, or not, please keep reading.

Step 2: Book a Consultation with NIXX

You know that photomechanical magic that we referenced above? It’s available at NIXX Tattoo Removal which is located with Adrenaline Studios in downtown Vancouver BC. Better yet, the work is overseen (or conducted by) one of the top laser tattoo removal technicians in North America – Craig Gilbert. The pairing of premium technology and unmatched expertise has drawn interest from clients all over the continent. NIXX accepts advance booking appointments for people from anywhere in the world. Hate your tattoo? No problem. Come to our downtown Vancouver BC studio to cover it up, or remove it entirely. Call 604-669-6800 to book your initial consultation with Craig, or send us an email to info@adrenalinevancity.com. Once your consultation has been booked and concluded, you will be able to schedule an appointment for your first tattoo removal (or fading) session. From there, you will be on the road to being free of unwanted ink.

For more information about our NIXX Tattoo Removal service, please enjoy the video below:



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