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Meet the in-house talent at our Queen West Studio. Book a consultation with a Toronto artist by calling the shop, or filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Joe has been tattooing for over 20 years! He has been a part of the Adrenaline Studios family since 2008. Stylistically he leans towards neo-traditional tattoo style. Joe loves the dynamics of both colour and black and grey tattooing. Check out his Instagram portfolio for a more in-depth look at his amazing work, then call […]

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Japanese Style Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Todd began his tattoo career in 1997. He bought his equipment from his stepbrother and tattooed on his own on and off for 4 years. He started in a street shop in downtown Toronto and has worked at 9 different studios. He likes to do all styles except hyper-realism but loves Japanese. He has called […]

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Tattoo Artist Downtown Toronto ON Trevor J

Trevor has been tattooing for 12 years. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember because someone said “hey that’s really good!” to something he coloured when he was 3 years old. He has been riding that compliment ever since! Enjoy Trevor’s portfolio and find him at our Queen Street West tattoo […]

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American Traditional Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Johnny started tattooing 18 years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas. At the beginning of his career he was mainly tattooing traditional Americana but now has worked to really develop his own style. He has been working at Adrenaline for 6 years. Enjoy his portfolio and find him at our Queen St. West tattoo shop in […]

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Realism, Neo-Traditional, Water Color Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Jony started working at Adrenaline in August 2016. He is originally from Cuba but now calls Toronto ON home. Jony has been tattooing for 7 years and can tattoo just about anything! His favourite styles of tattooing are realism, neo traditional, sketch tattoos and watercolour.

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Best Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Kelly has been tattooing for 25 years beginning her career in 1994! She can do any style but really loves black and grey. She has tattooed all over Canada and the US but calls Toronto home. She has been working with us at Adrenaline since April 2019. Find her at our Queen Street West tattoo […]

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Blackwork Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Andrew has been tattooing for 2 years but has been apart of the Adrenaline family for 7 years! His favourite styles are traditional and blackwork. Enjoy his growing portfolio and find Andrew at our Queen Street West tattoo shop in downtown Toronto ON.

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Illustrative Black and Grey Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Crystal has been tattooing here at Adrenaline since 2019. Her style is illustrative black and grey. She enjoys working with nature themes and fine details. Find Crystal at our Queen Street West tattoo shop in downtown Toronto ON.

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Illustrative Tattoo Artist Toronto ON

Martin is a junior tattoo artist and completed his apprenticeship at Adrenaline in 2019. He will tattoo anything but tends to enjoy spooky and grim imagery in an illustrative style. He was born and raised in Ireland and started with Adrenaline in 2014. He has just about worked every position we have to offer! He […]

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