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It’s Cinco de Mayo tomorrow (at press) which has inspired us to respond to the large number of people out there who are searching for Mexican themed tattoo ideas. We’re probably more qualified than most other tattoo shops in Canada to answer that question. After all, we have counted a number of tattoo artists from Mexico (and LatAm in general) in the Adrenaline family through the years. Moreover, our artists have crafted their fair share of tattoos to honor the rich and vibrant culture. We have taken this opportunity (Cinco de Mayo) to look through the work via our Instagram feeds to share a few highlights with you. Perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your next work of body art. Let’s have a look!

Examples of Mexican Culture Themed Tattoos Done at Our Vancouver BC Studios

Bull Skull

The bull skull has a long history in Mexican art and culture. It symbolizes virility, strength, and protection but also represents that natural progression of life. In tattoo art, the Mexican bull (or steer) skull is typically presented with horns in black and grey, but some designs feature color, and/or incorporate other elements for added impact, such as this one completed at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC:


Frida Kahlo (or Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón)  is perhaps the most celebrated Mexican artist of all time. Her work often featured self-portraits and both pain and passion (appropriate to tattooing) and it was always bold with vibrant colors. Kahlo is celebrated throughout Mexico for her devotion to Mexican and indigenous culture, and she is heralded by feminists for her honest depiction of the female experience and form. With her instantly recognizable eyebrows, there are a number of ways to approach this tattoo:


The toucan is one of the coolest birds in the world, and it happens to be native to Southern Mexico. The vibrant colors and distinctive features beg to be translated into a tattoo design. While we know the bird below is a Hornbill (native to Africa and Asia) it’s near identical to a Mexican toucan (sans the horn) and may inspire your toucan concept.

Aztec or Mayan Princess

Before Mexico became “Mexico” (or North America became “North America” for that matter) the Aztec and Mayan civilizations ruled over the southern continent. The Aztec civilization reigned during the pre-Columbian era, whereas the Mayan civilization held their own all the way through to the pre-classic period. This long history is a point of pride for Mexico, and nothing incites feelings of wonder for the era long-gone than a beautiful princess adorned in the ornamental wares of the time.

Old School La Familia

Honor your abuela and/or abuelo or other matriarch/patriarch from your árbol de familia.



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