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Like with butterflies, moth tattoos tend to symbolize change and transformation. However, they’re distinct from their more colorful cousins in a number of ways which makes them appealing to individuals who look below the surface to find beauty. For instance, moths have thicker and stronger antennas than butterflies, which may infer that they (and therefore you) are more “in tune” with their surroundings. Moths also have fuller and more robust bodies to indicate greater strength. Furthermore, while there are certainly exceptions, moths are nocturnal and are active during the night when butterflies are fast asleep. Moreover, moths are far more adaptable to a broader range of plants and food sources, which means that they can thrive in a greater variety of environments. Lastly, moths are far more diverse, with over 160,000 species compared to their counterpart which boasts around 17,500 species. Vibrant colors aside, moths are literally and symbolically superior to butterflies in pretty much every way. So when someone questions your motivation for getting a moth tattoo be sure to drop these informational morsels on their asses before dropping the mic and walking away. With all of that out of the way, we can now get to the moth tattoo designs and ideas that you are looking for. Let’s have a look through our tattooist portfolio for inspiration.

Examples of Moth Tattoo Designs Done at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver BC

Rising Up the Middle Division of the Chest/Breast

This one is more about placement than concept, but it has significant visual appeal in that it works with the male and female anatomy of the torso. The surface feature that marks the division of the two breasts with the sternum in the middle ties in well with the body of the moth, while the wings work with the outer left/right breast or pectorals.


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Here’s another:


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Death Moth

Death moths are particularly meaningful tattoos because they are associated with life’s inevitable transformation into a higher plane. We know it sounds a little morbid, but it can simply symbolize the end of one period in your life, and the rebirth of another. Either way, the integration of a skull onto the body of the lepidoptera is rather striking from an aesthetic perspective.


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And another:


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Silence of the Lambs

Last but definitely not least, is likely the most iconic image of a death moth that there is; the Silence of the Lambs movie poster. The film’s antagonist (to say the least) Buffalo Bill “used” moths as a symbol of the transformation he desired as a woman. As long as you’re not a total psychopath, feel free to come in and request this impactful piece.



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