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Body Piercing News

We just published our monthly Tattoos in the News report for November 2023, when it suddenly came to us – why don’t we do the same for piercing? After all, we are Greater Vancouver’s premier tattoo and piercing studio. While there may or may not be enough headlines to justify a monthly report, it’s certainly worth a look at what’s happening around the world of pop-culture as it pertains to body modifications, every once in awhile. Without further ado, here’s our very first installment of body piercing news for the winter season ahead.

Interesting Body Piercing Related Stories from Around the World as of November 2023

Cardi B Swaps Tongue for Monroe

A Monroe piercing gets its name from none other than Marilyn Monroe. Known for a beauty mark above her lip towards the inner cheek (among other things) the iconic actress, model, and pop culture phenomenon has set, and continues to set, trends to this very day. One such trend, is the Monroe piercing which is placed roughly where the buxom blonde beauty was marked by Mother Nature. Similar in stature to Marilyn Monroe, is Cardi B, who just made the news for a recent piercing. Allure magazine reports that the alluring superstar bit her tongue piercing so hard that she had it promptly removed and “replaced” with a very visually appealing Monroe piercing.


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Pop Sugar Announces Top Piercing Trends for 2024

Pop-culture media resource Pop Sugar loves to publish “Top Trends” types of content, and this month they have released yet another, with a focus on piercing trends to watch for in 2024. Here are the Top 5 (as they see it):

  1. Conch Piercings – upper ear cartilage piercing that is done in either the upper or lower concha part of your ear.
  2. Faux Rook Piercings – upper ear cartilage (right next to the daith) horizontal piercing that goes through the fold of cartilage that separates the inner and outer parts of the ear. Because it’s often painful (but looks awesome) faux options are becoming popular.
  3. Eyebrow piercings – did it ever go out of style?
  4. Piercings with dangling chains and charms
  5. Matching custom body piercing jewelry (i.e. ear piercing matches belly button piercing, etc.)

Body Piercing News Canada - November 2023

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