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A rook piercing is an ear cartilage piercing located between the inner and outer conch. Rooks are commonly pierced with 16 or 14 gauge titanium captive bead rings or bent barbells. Gold options are available upon request. Rooks take between 6 to 12 months to fully heal. The aftercare for rook piercings is as follows:

General Cleaning and Maintenance:
Once a day, apply Simple Care piercing spray to your new piercing. Begin by washing your hands before handling your piercing and gently remove any crusted matter from the piercing using a cotton swab saturated in warm water. At this point, spray the Simple Care on your piercing and allow to dry. You do not have to wipe away the residual spray.

Once a day, dissolve 2-3 rocks (or 1/8 teaspoon) of un-iodized seal salt in one cup of warm water. Form a seal with the edge of the glass against your skin and soak the piercing for five minutes. If you are having difficulty forming a seal with your cup, pour the solution onto a clean paper towel and compress the piercing with the paper towel, making sure the compress stays warm. After 5 minutes, thoroughly rinse the piercing and pat dry using a clean paper towel.

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