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Pumpkin Tattoo Ideas

By Austin Gregg, Adrenaline VanCity Granville

Halloween is upon us, and while households have been carving and decorating pumpkins for placement on their porches you have something else in mind. You want to get a pumpkin tattoo. Why? Perhaps you absolutely adore the Halloween season. Maybe you were raised in a pumpkin patch. Perhaps you’re tired of all these damn pineapple tattoos and want this underrated winter squash to get some time in the limelight. It’s all none of our business. What is our business however, is tattoo design, which is why we’re weighing in with some great pumpkin themed tattoo concepts for your next ink job.

5 Pumpkin-Themed Concepts That Will Make for a Great Tattoo

The Dark Pumpkin

We know that the pumpkin featured in the introduction of this article is of the happy-go-lucky variety, but for the most part clients who request pumpkin designs opt for a more harrowing archetype. If you embrace the mystique and haunting vibe of autumn-winter season then the “dark pumpkin” makes more sense. Simply Google image search “spooky pumpkin” to find a design that suits your spine-tingling desires.

Jack Skellington’s “Pumpkin King”

There is no better movie to bridge the tine between Halloween and the Holiday season than The Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton’s legitimate cult classic. The tortured protagonist Jack Skellington aka “The Pumpkin King” is one of the most popular movie characters to be immortalized via a tattoo, no matter the time of the year. No list of pumpkin tattoo ideas could be complete without him. 

The Great Pumpkin

Some of you think the Charles M. Schulz Peanuts gang is the bees knees in the cartoon and comic strip world. If you’re among them and you’ve got a pumpkin tattoo on the mind then what more do you need? “It’s the Great Pumpkin” is as iconic as “A Charlie Brown’s Christmas” when it comes to Schulz’s holiday specials, so go nuts and get your favorite Great Pumpkin rendition inked on your skin.

The Pumpkin Carriage

While no tattoo design is specific to any one gender, women in particular may dig this twist on the classic fairytale. The pumpkin carriage from Cinderella makes a statement about inner-beauty and how beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A lot of creative license can be taken here. You can go with a near replica of the pumpkin carriage, or a new-school design using a more modern cartoon aesthetic with heavy outlines, vivid colors, and exaggerated depictions of this particular subject matter. You may also consider giving it a edgier dare we say sexier (sorry, Disney) tone.

Portrait in a Pumpkin

Triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a toothy grin denotes the most common pumpkin carving. But lately master-carvers have taken some serious dramatic license and etched portraits into the faces of pumpkins, creating absolute 3D masterpieces that look like real people (assuming they had Trump’s orange glow). This leads us to one very interesting interpretation of a portrait tattoo.

If your love of the Halloween season has been shared with someone special from your life (mother, father, grandparent, etc) and you want to honor this fact with a tattoo, then consider the two as merging tattoo concepts. A portrait can be inked as if their likeness was carved into a pumpkin, which is then tattooed on your skin. It certainly tells a story and will be one of (if not the) most interesting tattoo concepts a tattoo shop has ever tackled. Anything that challenges and a professional artist gets them excited which typically shows in their work. It’s a little “out there” as far as design concepts go, but those also make for incredible tattoos.

Have we planted the seed for your desired pumpkin tattoo design? Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation.