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There is nary a soul who was not seen the iconic image of the ukulele-playing hula-wahine pinup. It graces the bottles of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum along with framed posters within tiki and nautical themed watering holes around the world. We also guarantee that every tattoo shop on the planet has the image in addition to hundreds of other American Traditional designs in their flash-books and portfolios. While some may fruitlessly debate whether or not he started the style, there is no denying that Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins is the Godfather of the American Traditional tattooing.

“The most proficient and sophisticated tattoo artists of the times were the Japanese masters known as Horis. He became the first Westerner to enter in regular correspondence with these masters, sharing techniques and tattoo tracings. By fusing American and Asian sensibilities, Jerry created his own style of tattooing – iconic and artistic, irreverent and soulful, radical and beautiful.” (Who is Sailor Jerry)

At press, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ birthday (January 14, 1911) is upon us. In honor of his unmatched influence on tattoo culture, Adrenaline VanCity is proud to shine a navigational spotlight on the man who became a legend. Whether you’re considering your very first work of body art or adding to an ever-growing collection, you will never regret getting one of Collins’ iconic American Traditional pieces. There’s only one final question to consider – where to get a Sailor Jerry tattoo in Vancouver BC? You’ve already come to the right place. Either contact us today to book your appointment, or read ahead first for more information.

Why Choose Adrenaline for Your Sailor Jerry Inspired Tattoo in Greater Vancouver BC

Tattooists Who Specialize in American Traditional

No tattoo shop is worth their salt if they don’t have at least one American Traditional tattoo artist on staff. We have handpicked our team accordingly to ensure that each of our three Vancouver BC locations is home to a celebrated American Traditional artist. View the respective portfolios for downtown Vancouver here, for Kitsilano here, for Main Street / Mount Pleasant here and all tattooist profiles here.

Sailor Jerry Inspired Flash at Adrenaline VanCity

Here are some featured Sailor Jerry inspired flash, currently available at Adrenaline VanCity:

Where to Get a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vancouver BC

Where to Get a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vancouver BC

Where to Get a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vancouver BC

Where to Get a Sailor Jerry Tattoo Flash Vancouver BC

*Shown prices subject to change. Contact Adrenaline for details.


For a limited time in honor of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’ birthday (January 14) Adrenaline VanCity is running a promotion. Here are the details:

Where to Get a Sailor Jerry Tattoo in Vancouver BC

What if you find this article after the promotion is over? Well, Adrenaline VanCity is still the only place to consider for your Sailor Jerry tattoo. We have ongoing promotions, an ever-growing collection of American Traditional flash, and even merch that matches your affinity for the Collins’ style of tattooing. Inquire via one of the contacts provided below.

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