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Should I Get a Color Tattoo Vancouver BC

A recent survey found that the singular most popular choice for a tattoo was black:

Should I Get a Color Tattoo Vancouver BC

We suppose we didn’t need a fancy chart to validate the fact that blackwork is the style of choice. All that you need to do is take a look around at the general public for proof. That being said, you’re considering something more vibrant that speaks to your colorful personality, but remain unsure. This puts you in the “Don’t know” category along with 24% of surveyed respondents which is why you’re here and asking “Should I get a color tattoo?”. Ultimately, if you want one you should get one, although there are some small things to consider which we have laid out below.

4 Things to Consider When Deciding on Whether or Not to Get a Color Tattoo

How Color Will Appear (and age) for Your Skin Tone

Skin tone is a diverse spectrum, ranging from a vanilla hue all the way through a deep and dark chocolate, so to speak. Logically, the lighter the tone the more leeway there is with bright colors. That being said, those furthest along the Fitzpatrick scale (numerical classification schema for human skin color) are able to accommodate a colorful tattoos. It all comes down to the skill and experience of the tattoo artist. Keep reading.

Access to Color Tattoo Specialist

It’s logical, but needs to be stated – only work with a tattoo artist who specializes in color tattoos. They have a deeper understanding of how colors work with varied skin tones and textures. Furthermore, they will understand how color can be employed to work with certain styles. This leads to the next point.

Your Preferred Style of Tattoo

There are certain tattoo styles that simply work better in color. In the featured image above, you can see that the likes of American Traditional and New School tattoo styles are both ideal in color, as are Japanese and Neo Traditional among others. Reference tattoo artist profiles to find a style that you prefer, and consider how it works with color.

How Dedicated You Are to Longterm Tattoo Care

Color tattoos are more vulnerable to UV exposure over time. Tones that were once vibrant can appear to fade more and “blend in” with your natural skin tone when compared to blackwork. To protect the integrity of a color tattoo, you must be prepared to care for your tattoo throughout life. Of course, we understand that it’s easy to take the foot off the pedal as years pass. Consequently, you will find peace of mind in having a color tattoo as long as there is a tattoo shop that does touch ups near you.