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You have a design in mind, and now you’re deciding on placement for your new tattoo. The back of your thigh feels like a good choice, but you’re wondering if you may not be considering something. Should you get a tattoo on the back of your leg? Let’s review!

5 Things to Consider Before Getting a Tattoo on the Back of Your Leg

Great for Large Designs

The back of the gams (crude old term for legs) are great for large designs, or medium ones that you plan on adding to over the years. The area is also ideal for long (up/down) designs. Small tattoos tend to look a little awkward on the back of the leg, unless placed to work with muscle tone or the curvature of the lower buttocks.

Susceptibility to Stretch Marks

The back of the thigh is one part of the body that is more susceptible to stretch marks. If you plan to give birth to a child soon, you may want to wait until a year after you’ve had your bundle of joy. If you tend to go through significant weight fluctuations, you may want to commit to a health and wellness plan that allows your body to stay relatively consistent, and then get the tattoo. If you already have stretch marks on the back of your leg, then you’re in a better position to get a tattoo than those who will get them after the fact. The right tattooist can do a very reasonable job tattooing over stretch marks (unless severe).

Traveling Soon?

This is a purely logistical and short-term consideration. One of the primary rules about traveling immediately after getting a tattoo is to avoid it when the healing tattoo will make you quite uncomfortable. A tattoo on the back of your leg certainly falls in that category. If you’ve got a 2-hour or longer plane, train, or automobile ride on the immediate horizon, wait until you get back to get this specific tattoo.

Someone to Help With Aftercare

If any part of the tattoo is located in the center of your back thigh, and you’re not very flexible, you may want to find someone to help with the after care for a week or so. They can help apply tattooist-prescribed solutions to promote healing. This can be a fun one of course, but take it easy on the funny-business for a few days.

Do You Care if You Get to Enjoy It?

Lastly, is a logical but often overlooked consideration. This is a tattoo that others will be able to enjoy, but not you. You can crank your neck in the mirror to see the likes of an upper-back (torso) tattoo, but it’s trickier when it comes to the back of the thigh. Thus, a design on the upper-back of one’s leg is typically for those who already have one or two (or more) tattoos. But hey – whatever works for you!

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