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There are a variety of reasons for wanting a simple tattoo. You may be tight on money but don’t want to wait any longer to get inked. Perhaps you’re only in town for a few days and don’t have the time for a larger work of body art. Alternatively, you aren’t sure about getting tattoos and decided that it’s best to begin the journey into the culture with something small and practical. Or, you may have lots of tattoos and desire an uncomplicated design to add to your growing collection. Whatever the case may be, you’re ready to book an appointment but first need help in coming up with a design that may appear basic, but will have a big impact at the same time. Below are fun and statement making concepts that are affordable and can be done relatively quickly by a skilled tattooist.

4 Seemingly Simple Tattoo Concepts That Can Be Done Quickly But Are Also Pretty Amazing

Self-Portrait Stick Figure

Simple Tattoo

This self portrait piece from Adrenaline VanCity’s micro-tattoo artist Rad Carney is the best. It gets an instant smile from anyone who sees it.  You may also consider a family portrait done in stick figures to get even more collective chuckles.


Simple Tattoo Tattoos

Another Adrenaline creation

This carries over from the mention of self-portraits and family portraits above. The hardest and most time-consuming part of a portrait tattoo, or realism tattoo that features a human, is the face. There is also risk in not being able to translate the nuances of someone’s expression, which can lead to tattoo regret. But by getting a portrait or realism tattoo that leaves the face/s blank (yet captures the gestures) you get a mysterious tattoo that only you know the story behind.

Purposely Incomplete

Simple Tattoo Tattoos

We love how the Fine Line style with color (done by our illustrative tattoo expert) conveys the characters as if they have been sketched on an animator’s doodle pad prior to production. There’s intricacy in this simplicity that makes it oh-so special.

Wipe Out

Simple Tattoo Tattoos

More Adrenaline creations

Script/lettering tattoos featuring favorite quotes or expressions are generally simple in the grand scheme of things. However, they are typically not statement making as far as appearance and aesthetics are concerned. But when you employ this (as per images above) wipe-out style (as if the inked was wiped and obscured) you get a tattoo that differentiates it from the rest and will have people wondering it was done on purpose. Anything that makes people think is a success


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