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Suggestive Tattoo Suggestions

Whether you consider yourself a highly sexual person, looking to push a few buttons, and/or wanting to get snickers from onlookers, you desire a sexually suggestive tattoo. The word suggestive is the key, as an outright phallus or clitoris (etc.) is a little too obvious, crass, or tacky as you see it. However, you’re stuck for ideas. Having done our fair share in the annals of Adrenaline’s tattoo studios we have some insight on the matter. Read ahead for inspiration on some fun and sexy concepts that will get to the root of your yearning.

3 Suggestions for Suggestive Tattoos That Are Fun, Sexy, and Subtly R-Rated

Suggestive Fruit

Suggestive Tattoo Suggestions

There something innately suggestive about fruit. Nature’s bounty is bountiful in this capacity, be it the phallic banana, the linear aperture of the papaya, or the curvature of the peach which seems to be created for this purpose alone. Heck, the Encyclopedia’s description of the peach tree and peach is enough to get us hot and bothered (or is it just us?):

“The flowers have a hollow tube at the base bearing at its free edge five sepals, an equal number of petals, usually concave or spoon-shaped, pink or white, and a great number of stamens. The pistil consists of a single carpel with its ovary, style, stigma, and solitary ovule or twin ovules. This carpel is, in the first instance, free within the flower-tube, but, as growth goes on, the flower-tube and the carpel become fused together into one mass, the flesh of the peach, the inner layers of the carpel becoming woody to form the stone, while the ovule ripens into the kernel or seed. This is exactly the structure of the plum or apricot, and differs from that of the almond, which is identical in the first instance, only in the circumstance that the fleshy part of the latter eventually becomes dry and leathery and cracks open along a line called the suture.” (1902 Encyclopedia)

We don’t know about you, but a cold shower sounds good right now.

Blooming Lotus

Suggestive Tattoo

The lotus flower symbolizes varying aspects of female sexuality. For instance, as a bud, it represents the virgin vulva. Meanwhile, a lotus in full bloom represents that the opened labia of a woman. The lotus flower as a suggestive tattoo works best when placed in an “appropriate” area, as shown in the work completed by Adrenaline tattooist Rad Carny.

Naughty Nautical

Suggestive Tattoo - Mermaids

Far before Daryl Hannah bedded Tom Hanks in Splash, mermaids and mermen have been highly sexualized beings that have had imaginations running wild for mariners and seafarers of all genders alike. A tattoo in this vein (anywhere in the gender spectrum) will do the job.


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