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Things to Avoid After Getting Tattoo - Summer Activity Edition

Summertime in fully ON across Canada, and as a part of the agenda you plan on getting a tattoo. Great idea, but before you do please note that you must exercise caution when it comes to a few post-tattoo hijinks. We’re not talking about the standard aftercare instructions which include the expected things to avoid after getting a tattoo. Instead, today’s article focuses on typical summer season activities that you need to reduce (or cut out) for a few days or even weeks after getting inked. Below is a quick and easy breakdown of the top eight.

Top 8 List of Common Summertime Activities to Avoid Immediately After Getting a Tattoo

1. Sun Tanning

The sun’s UV rays are the ultimate enemy to a fresh tattoo. While size matters, it’s best to avoid direct sun exposure on the new ink for the remainder of the season. While you can still “lay out” keep the direct design area covered.

2. Laying and Playing in the Sand

Sand gets everywhere. It will get through tight-fit clothing, or even a wrap that has been placed around your recently inked body part. Avoid sand for at least two-weeks. Here is everything you need to know when it comes to getting sand on a new tattoo.

3. Swimming in the Lake

Avoid swimming in a lake for at least two weeks after getting a new tattoo. Once you’ve hit the two-week period and you have not experienced healing complications thus far (pain, redness, swelling, infection, etc.) you can introduce lake-swims gradually, beginning with quick dips (15-minutes or so) before graduating to longer swims in about four weeks.

4. Swimming in the Ocean

The ocean is a bit different. It’s less forgiving than a lake. Depending upon where you are, waves can smash you into the shore which adds friction that your new tattoo does not need. More importantly, saltwater is especially hard on fresh tattoos. The salt can leach ink from a tattoo which will make make dark tones less dark, and can make color less vibrant. View more on going into the ocean after getting a tattoo.

5. Surfing

The same risks (to your fresh tattoo) of going into the ocean apply here (obviously) but the waiting period extends even further. If you have to wait 4-weeks to go into the ocean, you may need to wait 6-weeks to go surfing if the tattoo is in a place that comes into contact with the board.

6. Park Sports

Beach volleyball isn’t the only competitive sport you may have to temporarily sideline after getting inked this summer. If you and your friends toss around the pigskin or other contact sport at your local park you’ll have to be the waterboy/girl for two to three weeks (longer for larger tattoos). View more which sports to avoid after getting tattooed.

7. Partying

Happy Hour hours are extended in the summertime. You’re invited to BBQs, boat parties, and all sorts of outdoor shindigs where alcohol is in the main ingredient on the beverage menu. Beer, wine, and cocktails (etc.) have a dehydrating effect which is bad when it comes to your new tattoo’s ability to heal. In addition, for an estimated 48-hours a tattoo can be affected by alcohol driven blood thinning which causes the tattoo to excrete excess fluids and limit your skin’s ability to scab. This delays the healing process and at the same time increases the risk of infection.

8. Extensive Travel

Theoretically you can hop on a plane, train, or automobile within hours of getting tattooed and not have to worry about a thing. That said, extensive travel that equates long hours of sitting on a new tattoo can be problematic, as can other travel-based scenarios that limit your ability to maintain aftercare instructions. Here is everything you need to know about getting a tattoo before travel.

That’s all folks! Otherwise, feel free to enjoy the rest of your summer 😉