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Summer Tattoo Ideas

The first official week of summer is here and it’s your time to shine as you shed inhibitions, show some skin, and express yourself.

The summertime is indeed a defining one for many people, and if it’s the one time of the year when you truly feel complete, why not complete the picture with a tattoo to pay homage to the season? If you’re stuck for ideas on how to represent this with ink, check out the list below for inspiration.

5 Tattoo Ideas to Express Your Love for the Summer Season

Endless Summer

The phrase may have been coined during the creation of a seminal 1966 surf movie, but it maintains today as a way of life. You can represent your “endless summer” in words via a fanciful font of choice, or simply commit the iconic image in black and white (or sharp color) below to your skin:

Summer Tattoo Ideas

An Iconic Anchor

Anchor tattoos have been popular for well over two centuries, with meaning steeped in stability and the act of finding proverbial “safe harbor” from life’s many ails. But this tattoo’s ties to the ocean also makes it a perfect visual representation of your love for the summer. Need some help figuring out placement? Follow our guide on where to get an anchor tattoo.

Summer Tattoo Ideas

Recent anchor tattoo by our Granville (Vancouver) artist, Alex Prachthauser

Palm Trees

There’s nothing that says summer like a pair of palms on your body and there are so many ways to represent this theme. For instance, you can roll with realism, completed by feathered leaves depicted as if they’re blowing in the wind or an 80s pop-styled look with solid lines and deep tones. There are so many variations to consider but all will convey your love for the season.

Ice Cream Cone

Does the sound of an ice cream truck give you goosebumps, inciting fond childhood memories of summer vacations long gone? Then you simply can go wrong with this positively delicious and cotton-candy-colored tattoo concept.


Pineapples continue to grow in popularity as a tattoo, as people seek a way to express their desire for a tropical escape from the mundane. This sweet summertime inspiration works in color and black & white alike, and its face-shape makes it prime for fun artistic expression.

Summer Tattoo Ideas

Recent pineapple tattoo by our Queen West (Toronto) artist, Lisa Sinner

Whether you’re inspired by the concepts above, have one of your own, or need help coming up with a great tattoo design to manifest your passion for the season, it all begins with a consultation. Contact an Adrenaline Studios shop near you.