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Tattoo Horror Stories

Not getting inked can have you jumping out of your skin

With TV shows like Tattoo Nightmares and Bad Ink the industry is a little over hearing about tattoo horror stories. You know what’s really scary? Not getting a tattoo! Think we’re exaggerating? Think again. When you dig deep you may find that neglecting to express yourself in this manner may actually be bad for your mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health. Here’s how.

4 Frightening Things That May Occur if You Don’t Move Forward With Your Desire to Get a Tattoo

You’ve Given In to Others’ Expectations

Your parents, bosses, friends, or companions. Over the years some of the people in your life have tried to hold you back from becoming who you really are. They have set their expectations upon you. Do you really want to give in? Remember, all that matters is what you expect of yourself.

You Didn’t Give Yourself Every Opportunity to Heal

We’re not talking about allowing your tattoo to heal (but here’s how). Instead, we’re referencing how tattoos actually help people heal from past trauma and other events that have made it challenging to move on in life. History (and studies) have shown that tattoos have successfully been “used” as a positive coping mechanism by survivors of traumatic events, be it physical and/or emotional. While the scope of this spans beyond our qualifications to speak further on the matter, we highly recommend reading a recent study titled “Therapeutic Aspects of Tattoo Acquisition: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Connection Between Psychological Trauma and the Writing of Stories into Flesh” (click here).

You’ve Conformed a Preconceived Role in Society

This carries over from the first horror story above. Growing up, you asserted that you would never let society dictate who you are. But over the years, as you transition from adolescence in adulthood and accept the responsibilities that come along with it, you may have subconsciously begun to conform to preconceived roles, those that demand you dress a certain way, conduct yourself in a certain manner, and ultimately become a shell of your former self. Often, that role states “no tattoos”. Are you really going to accept these preconceived and antiquated notions about your place in this world of ours?

Do not go gentle into that good night […] Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (Dylan Thomas)

You Will Never Become The Real You

Everything above leads to this. For most people, a tattoo is an extension of their true persona. It’s often what one gets when perhaps they can’t express themselves fully in their work life or amidst social and familial relationships. One thing that the last year (and then some) has taught us, is that life is way too short to put off becoming who we really are. If you have always wanted to get a tattoo of a design/concept that will help you fulfill your identity, then do it. The alternative is the real horror story.

Don’t let any of the above happen! If living within or visiting the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area schedule a consultation at a tattoo shop near you.