Due to fire Adrenaline Granville is operating out of SOH tattoo at 1068 Granville st. Same Block, Same side. Thank you for your continued support.

COVID-19 Tattoo Shops

MAY 7 2020 UPDATE: Adrenaline Studios is currently in discussion with BC health officials and we are optimistic about reopening our Vancouver shops soon. Stay tuned for further updates.

MARCH 18 2020 UPDATE: Adrenaline Studios locations in Canada are temporarily closed while the country mitigates the spread of COVID-19. Please follow our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for real time updates. The following article still applies to when we reopen locations. See you again soon!

Allow us to start by stating that professional tattoo shops are among the safest facilities to be in throughout influenza season, especially Adrenaline Studios.

Sure, clients and artists come in close contact with one another, but there is a strict mandate in place that if an artist even has the slightest symptom of a cold or flu that they are to stay home. Beyond that call to action, Adrenaline has always followed and exceeded municipal, provincial, and federal health and safety regulations. Our Greater Vancouver studios abide by and maintain the tattoo and piercing safety standards laid out by the provincial government though HealthLink BC. Our Toronto Ontario parlor also complies with the explicit guidelines regarding sterilization provided by the city and province. But in light of the current coronavirus health concern we have stepped up our game even further. COVID-19 doesn’t stand a chance.

What We’re Doing to Keep COVID-19 Out of Adrenaline Studios

Around the Clock Sterility and Cross-Contamination Management

We exceed all mandates to sterilize tattooing and piercing areas before, during (when sessions are long) and after client visits. We have expanded this practice to include the entire studio. The more robust cleaning and sterilization protocol now includes:

  • All tattoo and piercing areas – as it was, but with even greater frequency and vigor
  • Retail space – countertops, shelving, change rooms, debit machines, and all customer touch-points
  • Points of entry – indoor/outdoor doors and door handles
  • Other – windows, floors, and all customer touch-points

Our Staff

Our ever-dedicated staff is the ultimate line of both offense and defense. Again, tattooists and piercers exceed all mandates to create a safe and sterile environment / experience for clients. In addition to keeping their respective work areas clean, they wear medical-grade gloves and masks during your session. Before and after sessions, they wash their hands with antibacterial soaps beyond the “average Jane/Joe” 20-second requirement. Tattooists and piercers also apply a 60% (or higher) alcohol-based sanitizer to their hands and upper arms. Sanitizers are also available for your use to increase your comfort level.

What You Can Do Too

As you can see (above) COVID-19 doesn’t have much of a chance in penetrating our fortresses (studios). However YOU are our partner in this mission to keep the virus along with other flu bugs away from studios, staff, and the community. Below is an accounting of how you can do your part:

  • If you have travelled outside of Canada and/or on a plane please wait until the government prescribed self-imposed quarantine period (14-days) is complete before coming in for an appointment.
  • If you are unwell, or display symptoms of illness (even though it’s probably just a cold) please reschedule, postpone, or cancel upcoming appointments until you have been cleared by your physician.
  • Friends, family members, and especially pet bats are not permitted to accompany you during your session. FaceTime with them if you must.

Adrenaline Studios is also making an exception when it comes to deposits. If you need to reschedule or cancel due to health reasons you will not lose your deposit.

At press, the coronavirus is losing in BC. 66% of all cases have already been cleared as full recoveries from COVID-19. In addition, there is an over 99% full recovery for healthy individuals aged 50 and under. That said, we understand your concern. How can you not be when media seems to only report on the negative side of things? If in addition to the above you have any questions whatsoever we encourage you to contact any one of our studios to ease any and all concerns you may have.