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Thanksgiving Tattoo

Thanksgiving 2020 is upon us. We know it may be a challenge to find a reason to feel grateful in one of the most grueling years in history, but there are silver linings found everywhere you look. It’s also important to note that gratitude is not to be taken for granted. The fine folks a Harvard Medical quote studies to prove that expressing gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.

So how do you express more gratitude and show the universe that you really mean it? Permanently, with a tattoo. Here are some ideas to get you started.

5 Tattoo Concepts to Get This Thanksgiving to Show More Gratitude in Your Life

1. The Word

The word “gratitude” itself packs a serious good vibes punch. Choose a font that resonates with your tastes and get the nine letters inked over your heart or wear it on your sleeve, literally.

2. Someone Who You Are Grateful For

Go full-on portrait mode with this concept. There is someone (or some people) in your life that you are forever grateful for. Easy but sensical choices are your grandparents or parents. That said, anyone that has helped shape you into the person you are today is a great candidate for a portrait tattoo – be they a cherished pet or even an iconic person from history (i.e. Shakespeare, John Lennon, Martin luther King, etc.) that greatly influenced your chosen path.

3. Cold Turkey

This one has a double meaning for some of you. For one, a cool tattoo of a turkey done in realism or new school (animated, etc.) style is symbolic of Thanksgiving and therefore gratitude. On the other hand, there is a chance that you feel grateful for escaping a bad time in your life, an escape that had you shake-off some demons. Those demons may have come in the form of an unhealthy relationship, a substance addiction (alcohol, drugs, food, etc.), or some other vice that required you to go “cold turkey” to beat the bad habit. There is a lot of room for interpretation that can make for an epic tattoo and conversation piece.

4. Your Passion

Do you make a living doing something that you love? Or is that passion an effective escape from the things that make you unhappy? Whether it’s steeped in the arts, athletics, or some other endeavor this passion of yours is something that you are extremely grateful for. For this reason it can translate to a tattoo design that you will never regret. It can also serve as a visual reminder and motivator to chase that dream and make it the thing that you actually do as your career or to launch your own business.

5. That Special Place

There is a place in this world that makes you feel at peace, a place that feels like home, even if it isn’t at this very moment. It may be your home town, or a place you have visited on the other side of the world that made you feel as if you belonged. This presents you with an excellent tattoo concept. Design options include the actual geographic makeup of the place (i.e. outline of a state, group of islands, etc.), its official coat of arms or flag, or simply a symbol (a palm tree, mountain, etc.) that reminds you of it. Whatever it is that you associate with this special place will make for an excellent tattoo.

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