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Valentine's Day Tattoo Ideas

You already know not to get the name of your boyfriend/girlfriend tattooed. That relationship-dooming theme is rule number one when it comes to getting a tattoo you won’t regret. That said, with Valentine’s Day approaching you and your beloved want to get a tattoo that works both together and as a standalone. Below we have laid out five ideas to take to your local artist.

5 Regret-Free Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

1. A Half-Hearted Design

This is a throwback to the half-heart pendant that made for a popular couples’ gift exchange in the high-school days of old. Have an artistic rendition of a heart designed in any style you like, then split it down the middle. Each of you gets one-half tattooed so that when you come together it forms the union. If things don’t work out between the two of you (not to jinx things) you will wear reminder of heartbreak that shows you are still looking for that special someone to complete the picture – after the appropriate period of rebound hookups of course.

2. Cupid (or Eros)

A mythical god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection is tailor-made for tattooing, whether standing together as a couple or rolling solo. You can go with the classic cherubic winged infant, but you may consider a more mature version of this iconic character, especially if you have cultural ties to (or affinity for) Greece, where Cupid was known as Eros, the god of love. Eros is also armed with armed with a bow, but boasts a quiver of arrows in case he misses his first mark. The Eros character is often represented as a handsome immortal who was irresistible to both humans and gods, which makes for a much cooler version of Cupid in case you find flying babies a bit off-putting.

3. Rose/s 

Valentine Tattoo Ideas

Flash from Adrenaline VanCity artist Jeremiah Hoeft

A single rose is an iconic tattoo design in itself, and makes for a great Valentine tattoo idea. As a couple you may consider two roses intertwined, or have the thorned-stem wrap around a forearm or calve for a more organic effect. Roses also allow you to choose from varying colors to account for both aesthetic preferences and the distinctive meanings attached to each color – a perfect way to capture the nuances of your relationship.

4. Love Quotes That Don’t Suck

“Fool! Don’t you see now that I could have poisoned you a hundred times had I been able to live without you.” (Cleopatra to Marc Antony) 

We know, on the surface getting a quote about love tattooed may fall on the side of cheese, but there are some pretty cool quotes about amore that don’t suck, such as the Shakespearean one from Cleopatra above. Sit down together and Google-search love quotes until you find something that perfectly encapsulates the love that the two of you share.

5. King & Queen (or some neutral combo) Symbols

The two of you are the king and queen (or king and king, queen and queen, etc.) of your story, and for that reason we should see you in a crown (B.E. shoutout). You can design a his-her (etc.) tattoo depicting a matching set of crowns, Q and K of hearts playing card symbols, or king and queen chess pieces as popular yet perpetually-cool examples.

Schedule a couples’ tattoo consultation at an Adrenaline Studios near you in time for Valentine’s Day, or beyond.