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What Not to Do at a Tattoo Shop Vancouver BC

It’s kind of a weird question. The answer is either obvious (don’t juggle chainsaws, etc.) or nuanced based upon the culture fostered within the studio. That being said, we can answer your question about what not to do in a tattoo shop by addressing avoidances that benefit you, and not what may or may not upset staff. Read ahead to learn more!

4 Things to Avoid Doing in a Tattoo Shop to Ensure That You Have the Best Experience Possible

Inviting Your Friends During Your Session

Most people assume that this request/requirement is made to avoid irritating the tattoo artist. It’s not really about that. Instead, it’s about ensuring that a proper connection is formed between yourself and your tattooist. This bond is important so that there is an open flow of communication between one another during your session. This is necessary to ensure that you’re comfortable, not experiencing uncommon pain/discomfort, and to ensure that the design (lines, colors, tones, etc.) is on track to being the end-result you desire. This bond is also important for a more ethereal reason. This person (your tattooist) is placing their art on your body, and it will be with you forever. That’s about as intimate as it gets. Don’t you want to honor this connection without distraction from gossiping and joke-telling friends?

Calling, Zooming, FaceTiming

This carries over from the above. To ensure that you and your tattooist get into the “zone” together, no calls or virtual meetings should be made/scheduled during your session. This is a special moment in your life, be present. If you must, let everyone in your social/professional circle know that you’re not to be disturbed during your scheduled time, with at least a one-hour before and after buffer for good measure.

Not Speaking Up

Don’t ever be afraid to speak up to let your tattoo artist know if you are unexpectedly uncomfortable or feeling pain beyond the anticipated norm. Relief may be found with a slight seating adjustment. Or, the communication of your concern may uncover an underlying concern that needs to be addressed via the temporary cessation of the session. It is also important to let your tattooist know if the design being applied does not appear match what they expected. Of course, this also applies to more basic things – such as needing a break to use the bathroom, to take a sip of water, or to have a snack. A professional tattoo shop wants you to be as comfortable as possible at all times, and that requires you to speak up when you need to.


A tattoo can be scary for first timers. However, allowing anxiety to get the best of you can make the session more taxing than it needs to be. Anxiety increases your breathing and heart rate, which concentrates blood flow to your brain. If anxiety gets too intense, you might start to feel lightheaded and nauseous, making for a less than ideal session.

If you are worried, communicate (there’s that word again) it to your tattooist who will help put your mind at ease. They will generally encourage steady and deep breathing, and offer relaxation techniques to alleviate anxiety.

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