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Where to Buy Body Jewelry Vancouver BC

Body jewelry is a personal ornament manufactured specifically for use in body piercing. It is made from (or at least it should be) implant-grade metals such as titanium, surgical steel, and 14 karat gold. Over the last few years a number of retailers have opened up throughout Vancouver BC, offering body jewelry to accommodate the fast rising demand. This has caused confusion for consumers as they are unsure of where to make their purchases. So where to buy body jewelry in Vancouver BC? There’s only one collection of studios to consider!

Why Adrenaline Studios Are the Only Destinations to Consider Buying Body Jewelry From in Vancouver BC

Expertise in Body Piercing

Would you prefer to get prescription medicine from a doctor/pharmacist or 7-Eleven? The analogy is apt for when it comes to your question about where to buy body jewelry because we’re talking about something that goes into your body. You should only ever get body jewelry from a reputable piercing (and tattoo) studio. If in Vancouver BC, Adrenaline VanCity locations are the destinations to choose from. We have been piercing (and tattooing) Vancouver residents and visitors for more than two decades. Our piercers and retail staff have expert level knowledge of piercing placement and skin types, and how they may impact your choices of body jewelry. You won’t find the same kind of intimate understanding at typical brick-and-mortar shops on Granville, Robson, Seymour, Pender, Hastings, West 4th, and Main Street, et cetera.

Handpicked the Best Body Jewelry Brands

As experts in body piercing, Adrenaline buyers have handpicked and curated products from the world’s leading body jewelry brands. These brands deliver on the highest of standards when it comes to health, safety, integrity, and aesthetics of the products they craft. We pierce with (and sell) internally threaded, biocompatible, implant-grade metals including titanium, surgical steel, and 14k gold. Furthermore, we carry a products in a range of materials for healed piercings, such as plugs and tunnels for stretched ears, intricate gems and ends for pressure-pin jewelry, along with downsize options for body parts that may require them accordingly. View our complete list of brands right here.

Where to Buy Body Jewelry Near You

Adrenaline (including our Sleight of Hand shop) has four locations in the Greater Vancouver area. That means we also answer your question about “where to buy body jewelry near me” better than any other in the city. Choose a studio near you and swing by to browse our collections.

Your New Home for Future Body Modifications

Lastly, it’s important to note that when you become a customer/client of Adrenaline, you become a part of the Adrenaline family. It’s where you are welcomed with open arms to return for further body jewelry and accessory purchases (feel free to make requests!), future piercings, and even tattoos. Adrenaline is not just a place to buy body jewelry, we represent a lifestyle and a place that you can call home.

We look forward to serving you.

Where to Buy Body Jewelry Vancouver BC