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Where to Find Tattoo Inspiration

You’ve decided that it’s finally time to get a tattoo. You’ve always wanted one and you’re ready to book an appointment. There’s only one problem – you don’t know what design to get. What you need now is inspiration. Below we have laid out some practical places to discover concepts and themes that may spark a tattoo design that you’ll never regret.

5 Practical Places to Get Inspiration for Your Next Tattoo

Google Image Search

The most simplistic solution is often the most effective. That said, it will help to have a general idea of what you want. For example, if you have a passion for the sea, you would simply open up Google Image Search, type in “nautical tattoos”, and enjoy your trip down that rabbit hole. It helps to set aside at least an hour or two. Grab a latte or cocktail and enjoy the hunt!

Pinterest Boards

Pinterest may be where people go to choose wedding cake designs and find kitchen renovation inspiration, but it also boasts a number of boards that are dedicated to tattoos, broken down by theme. In fact, a lot of the image results from Google Image Search will be fed from Pinterest Boards. Again, begin with a general idea (i.e. “flower tattoos”), perform your search from within the Pinterest Explore platform, and prepare to be inspired.


There’s nothing like the feel of print under your fingertips. Hardcopy (vs online) magazines are also a feast for the eyes, which is why we highly suggest going “old school” with your search by browsing through iconic tattoo magazines. Visit your local brick and mortar Indigo or other store that still carries magazines and look for the titles listed below:

  • Inked Magazine
  • Tattoo Life
  • Z Tattoo Magazine

Browse Tattooist Portfolios

Once you’ve had a look at a broader spectrum of ideas, you can now begin to narrow down your opportunity to be inspired by viewing the work of local tattoo artists. After all, it will be one of their chairs that you’ll soon be sitting in. Be sure to vet the best of the best shops and artists in your area. This helps you find a studio that makes you feel comfortable and confident that they will deliver on what you want, even if (or especially if) you don’t know exactly what that is yet. View more on how to choose a tattoo shop, and follow up with these tips to choosing a tattoo artist.

Use Our Claim a Tattoo Platform

Adrenaline Tattoo has made it easier than ever to find inspiration for your next tattoo. This year (2021) we introduced the groundbreaking online Claim a Tattoo platform. We have uploaded a carefully curated collection of our artists’ own custom designs. All you need to do is browse through the collection until you find the one that just “clicks” for you. From there, click (or tap) to claim and buy it – it’s yours! View more on the Claim a Tattoo platform.

Happy Hunting!