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Where to Get a Finger Tattoo

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OK, all jokes aside, a lot of you are online and searching for information about where to get a finger tattoo. It’s definitely an expressive place to get inked and when done right will provide the impact you’re looking for. But first, there are a few things to consider.

4 Things to Consider Before Getting a Finger Tattoo

1. Hiding Under a Ring

A finger tattoo is out there for all to see, but do you need to hide it during work hours or from time to time? If so, it’s best to get your finger inked on the proximal phalanx, which is a fancy way of referencing the part of your finger nearest to the knuckles of your hand, where you wear a ring. Just remember that you cannot wear a ring until the tattoo has fully healed otherwise it may complicate the healing process. In addition, make sure that your skin doesn’t react to cheap metals or any other material used to manufacture rings being sold at mall kiosks and so forth. If you’re not an “experienced” ring wearer, test it out for a month or two before getting your finger tattooed.

2. It’s Gonna Hurt

There’s not much between the epidermis and the bone in your finger, so it’s going to hurt. Be prepared for that. While the inner side of your finger is “chubbier” it’s jam packed with nerves and even more sensitive. If you have a low threshold for pain you’ll have a very hard time sitting through a session without jerking your hand.

3. Avoid Over Complicated Designs

There’s very little space to work with, so don’t have grand designs in mind when coming in for a finger tattoo. Concepts that include intricate designs may lose their aesthetic integrity as minuscule ink particles break apart during the healing process. The end result may look like a blob on your finger, especially when working with less experienced artists (which is why you should vet them first). Small and less intricate symbols (stars, hearts, etc.) work great though. If you’re unsure of what to get done you may simply consult with a tattooist near you for inspiration.

4. You’ll Need Touchups Over Time

Tattoos on the finger are more susceptible to fading than pretty much any other part of your body. Your hands come in constant contact with everything, and are exposed around the clock to sunlight in the spring and summer when UV is at its strongest. Plus, you wash your hands often (especially nowadays) so the tattooed skin is persistently being exfoliated. Of course, a quality artist from a reputable studio will ensure that ink is effectively applied and will provide you with strict aftercare instructions that you must follow to extend the life of your design. That said, in order to maintain the appearance of the finger tattoo you will likely require a few touchups throughout the years.

Getting a finger tattoo is a relatively quick process so feel free to walk on in to a studio near you to get it done – no appointment required. However, you are more than welcome to schedule a consultation to discuss designs, the procedure, and more. Contact us today to book a consultation.