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Where to Get a Small Tattoo in Vancouver BC - Toronto ON

In our never ending journey to answer all of your questions about tattooing and piercing, we comb the web (search, forums, Reddit, etc.) and uncover exactly what you’re asking, no matter how large or little. We have found that a number of you are inquiring about where to get a small tattoo. What exactly is the question asking? Do inquiring minds want to know which brick and mortar to choose for their half-pint ink? Or, is the query in regards to body placement? A bit of both it seems, as the public is also punching “where to get a small tattoo in Vancouver” (and Toronto) into their Google and BING search bars on a monthly basis. So, in order to ink two birds with one machine (a better expression, don’t you think?) we are here to answer both, below.

How to Choose Place and Placement for a Small Tattoo

Choosing a Studio (Vancouver / Toronto)

There’s a big reason why people are be asking about where in a given city to get a small tattoo done. They are concerned about getting attitude from reception staff or artists given that a small job doesn’t exactly bring in the big bucks. While no studio should ever make you feel this way, it can happen, and unfortunately it does in Greater Vancouver and Toronto alike. That is why you need to choose a shop with a good number of friendly and professional tattooists on staff which affords a more diverse portfolio (small ink jobs included) and comfortable experience from the moment you walk in. And “walk-in” is also key. Find out whether or not a shop accepts walk-ins. Many people choosing to get a small tattoo do so on a relative whim after being on the fence about getting inked for quite some time. They like to have the comfort of not committing with a pre-scheduled appointment, especially if there’s a chance that they may back out. You need a studio that is there for you when inspiration finally kicks in and you’re ready to roll before the pessimist on your shoulder whispers otherwise.

View our complete yet succinct 7-step guide to choosing a tattoo studio, which applies no matter the size of the job you want done.

Choosing Placement

There are indeed some popular spots on the body when it comes to a small tattoos. These include (but are not exclusive to) the following:

  • wrist
  • space between your ear and your hairline
  • nape of the neck
  • lower back
  • foot and ankle

Despite what is “popular” in this capacity, a small ink job can work anywhere on the body as long as you are working with a talented tattoo artist. Therefore, be sure to do your homework beforehand and find an artist that instills the confidence you need, especially if your desired design is both intricate and pocket-sized.

In the end, the same considerations (pain threshold, workplace visibility, etc.) that apply to general tattoo placement apply here, so please do reference our 5-step guide to deciding where on the body to get your tattoo before making your decision.

Ready to move forward? Whether you are in Vancouver BC or Toronto ON you can call or walk on in to one of our tattoo studios and come out a few short hours (or less) later with a small tattoo that will make a big impression!