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Where to Get Matching Tattoos

Siblings, besties, couples, and other dynamic duos often want to get matching tattoos. It’s a statement making way to convey your bond. But given the importance of this particular body ink concept you want to make sure you do it right. Below a breakdown of the best placement options for getting your matching tattoos.

Best Spots on the Body to Get Matching Tattoos and What Else You Need to Know

Ideal Placement

While some couples opt for matching tattoos in more intimate parts of the body, most people want to wear their allegiance to one another on their literal and proverbial sleeve. Having done our fair share of matching tattoos, we can tell you that the following placements are the most popular:

– Forearm

– Wrist

– Back of the calve muscle

– Outer deltoid/shoulder

– Nape of the neck

The nape of the neck is great for those who want to show off their matching tattoos at all times. The other suggested placements (forearm, wrist, calve, shoulder) are popular because the tattoo process tends to hurt less, and the tattoos look great when side by side. For greater impact, get the matching tattoos on opposing sides (one right, one left) so that when standing side-by-side you and others can view them adjacently.

Where To Get Your Matching Tattoos

What’s the point of getting a matching tattoo if they don’t actually match? When you choose the wrong tattoo studio that’s the risk. Choose a tattoo studio with reputable artists that consistently deliver top quality results. This is especially important if the two of you are getting the exact same design. If you want to get the tattoo at the exact same time (a common request) then you need to find a shop that has several tattooists on staff, and these tattooists must work well together. Otherwise your Yin and Yang will look more like a Cheech and Chong tattoo (although, that’s an awesome concept). Much of the crew at Adrenaline Studios (Vancouver and Toronto) have worked together for years and are ready, willing, and beyond capable to stamp your union with a perfectly paired work of body art.

What If Things Don’t Work Out?

We don’t want to play the devil’s advocate, but life sometimes throws a wrench into the tightest bond. If in this unfortunate scenario (no matter how unlikely) there is no repairing the union, you can’t help but wonder whether or not you will have to live with the reminder of a relationship gone sour. You don’t. There are tattoo removal options and alternatives. When you choose Adrenaline Studios for your matching tattoos, you will also have access to the best laser removal solution, should you ever need it. We hope you don’t, but we’re here if you do.

Ready to get those matching tattoos? If you and your “other half” live within or are visiting Greater Vancouver or Toronto schedule a consultation together at a studio near you.