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Where to Tattoo a Date

28,835 days. That’s the number the average human spends on this earth. Among those are only a few (perhaps just one) that mean something so special to us that we want to commemorate them on our bodies. While the tattoo itself is represented with a simple series of numbers, placement is momentous because it bears a deeply seeded meaning. If you’re unsure about where on your body to get that important date tattooed the following advice may help.

There to Tattoo an Important Date When Based on a Life Changing Event

For a Memorial Tattoo

Many people get dates (birth and passing) along with an epitaph tattooed to honor the life of someone special in their lives. Clients most typically request this on the side of the shoulder over the medial deltoid although the space over their heart is also commonly chosen as a place for dates. That said the latter is often accompanied by a portrait or symbol to pay homage to their loved one, so for a date on its own the chest (or other large area) is less ideal if you’re considering aesthetics alone.

For a Celebration Tattoo

We may have stated (above) that a memorial date tattooed over-the-heart works best if accompanied by a portrait or symbol, but celebratory dates to recognize an event such as the birth of your child can and should be conveyed in big, bold, and proud letters. The same goes for any date that launched an exciting new chapter in your life, including a wedding date (where applicable). Plus, fellas, getting your wedding date tattooed will serve as a reminder of your anniversary – something that can keep you out of hot water for at least one day of the year.

For a #LifeGoals Tattoo

Instead of a tattooed date commemorating an important person or passing of an event from one’s life thus far, it can instead be used to set a defined date on one’s life goals.

Let’s say that you’re looking to start a new business, move away to a tropical island, or make some other positive change that will serve as your rebirth. Visionaries will tell you to set a firm calendar date on your goal as a means to commit to your path. What better way to show true commitment to this worthy goal that to get it tattooed. When doing so, you want to place it somewhere you can see it every day regardless of whether or not you happen to glance upon it in the mirror. So where? The wrist. The wrist is also one of the most popular parts of the body to get a date tattoo of any type. You’ll see it every day and because of this you’ll be reminded to put down that remote control or close that gaming app and instead take one more step in the right direction.

Date Design Ideas

Tattooing a calendar date via a succession of numbers (i.e. ##/##/####, etc.) is one way to go. However, a tattooist can take greater creative liberty while your tattoo can have a greater aesthetic impact if you opt for other ways to render a single day into a design. Here are some options that you may not have considered:

– Roman numerals

– Classic USPS postmark stamp (view examples)

– Mathematical equation with the underlying answer (not showed) resulting in the date (only for you to know)

If you still haven’t settled on where to get those important numerals tattooed a consultation will certainly help. A professional tattooist can sit down with you at a studio to work through the options until you’ve made a decision you’re happy with. Contact a Vancouver or Toronto tattoo studio near you to book your consultation.