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Tattoos of Celebrities Regret

If the 2022 Academy Awards taught us anything, it’s that even one of the most likable celebrities in the world can lose their luster in one single moment (or slap). This calls into the question the rationale (or lack thereof) of what is called celebrity worship and those who go so far as to get their favorite famous person tattooed on their body. In some cases the “worship” enters concerning obsessive-addictive disorder territory, which is best left to the devices of mental health professionals. Instead, we simply want to focus on those who have or are considering tattoos of celebrities. Let’s have a look as to why should consider other options.

Why Getting a Tattoo of Your Favorite Celebrity May be a Bad Idea and What Else to Consider

Your Tattoo May Be Cancelled Too

We’re the first to admit that cancel culture has gone way too far. But, it does exist and is here to stay for the foreseeable future. On a weekly basis it seems as if a new celebrity has been added to the ever-growing list for something they did (or allegedly did) today, yesterday, or twenty-some years ago. In some cases they deserve to have their name buried in the dirt. In others, not so much. The point, is that no celebrity is safe from the watchers of the world. As such, you must be aware of the fact that if you get a tattoo of your favorite celebrity, you must be prepared for their downfall. Should this occur, your tattoo (and you!) can become cancelled by association. Unless of course you get one to parody them, such as with a number of people who recently got tattoos of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.


Better Alternatives for Hero Worship

There’s nothing wrong with having a healthy admiration of a famous figure. In some cases they can serve as an inspirational role model. That said, to avoid the risk of your tattoo being cancelled due do their bad behavior, rethink who it is you deem to be hero-worthy enough to become permanent ink in your body.

Consider celebrities from long ago whose dirty laundry has already been aired and the proverbial statue-of-limitations has already run its course. For instance, instead of a tattoo of Marilyn Manson (in hot water at the moment) consider Marilyn Monroe. Instead of Leonardo DiCaprio (no concerns, so far) opt for Leonardo da Vinci. You get the idea. Better yet, consider a matriarch or patriarch from your family tree, as these are the figureheads that you won’t regret getting the tattooed likeness of.

What to Do if You Already Have One

Too late? Do you already have a tattoo of an idol who is as likely to make a comeback as 8-track cassette tapes? Don’t worry, you don’t have to live with that Kevin Spacey (circa Usual Suspects) tattoo any longer. Advances in laser tattoo removal technology has made the prospect of complete removal a reality. Alternatively, you can also use laser technology to fade the unwanted celebrity tattoo so that it’s prime for a successful coverup.

Whether you now find yourself in need of tattoo removal, coverup, or you’re ready to move forward with a tattoo that you won’t regret we’ve got you covered. Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you to schedule a consultation.