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The wolf (aka Canis Lupus) symbolizes many things. Among the First Nations in North America, the species of large canine represents loyalty, strength, and family communication in addition to innate understanding, intelligence, and connection with the environment. Wolves are also beautiful and fierce at the same time. Collectively everything that they stand for makes them ideal for a tattoo. You agree, which is why you are on the hunt for wolf tattoo ideas to inspire your next work of body art. Below are some examples from our portfolio to make that happen.

Examples of Wolf Tattoo Designs and Placements to Inspire Your Own

Intercut with Your Persona

In the amazing example below, we see a human face (which could be a rendition of yours) intercut with the wolf. This may logically represent the connection that you feel with the beautiful beast that holds so much symbolism in your life.


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Handsome Realism

The handsome sophistication exuded by this realism piece in black-and-grey is mind-blowing. The head position and eyes infer a level of confidence that would be hard to convey with any other of Mother Nature’s creatures. We also love how the wolf is set against the background it belongs in, which may also hold symbolic meaning to its beholder.

Here’s yet another handsome boy/girl in big beautiful glory:

American Traditional

While not as commonly seen as nautical concepts and animals such as snakes, panthers, and tigers, wolves have been included in American traditional tattoo designs for decades too. This one, integrated with the weapon of choice of North America’s first persons is clean and true to the style.

Traditional Japanese Oni Demon Mask Crossover

While this one could easily be deemed American traditional (above) the crossover with traditional Japanese Oni Demon mask design is pretty clear. Have a look at those concepts to see what we mean.

Something Fierce

Let’s be honest, while the aforementioned symbolism of loyalty, strength, family, understanding, intelligence, and environmental connection are great, what most of us love about wolves is their fierceness. The tattoo below symbolizes what others (i.e. fake friends, competitors, co-workers, in-laws, etc.) can expect to see when you unleash your inner-beast!



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