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Health Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

We recently published an article on the other benefits of getting a tattoo. These include a means to healing past trauma, an option for covering skin conditions, a method of enhancing musculature, a way to promote your personal brand, and a channel for connecting to others. But what you may be surprised to find out, is that studies point to some key health benefits to having tattoos, advantages that have been scientifically validated. Let’s investigate further, and find out why it may be time to start or ramp up your “collection”.

Why Having Tattoos May Be Good for Your Health

1. It May Strengthen Your Immune System

A recent study from the University of Alabama (go Crimson Tide!) found that people with multiple tattoos exhibit stronger immune systems as a result of getting tattooed. Researchers used a biomarker of immune response known as Immunoglobulin A (a immunological factor lining the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, which serves as one of the body’s primary defenses) as their focal point. As predicted, researchers found that people who had many tattoos demonstrated an ability to recover faster from a variety of ailments than individuals with fewer tattoos. The reason being, that individuals with a higher number of tattoos put their immune system to task more often, and as a result, their immune system got stronger. The fighter that steps into the ring more often is typically a lot tougher than one who fought just once or twice in their career. Perhaps you can forget that annual flu shot – and just get a new tattoo!

2. It May Improve Your Ability to Manage Stress Caused by Painful Physical Events

The same folks from Alabama U also looked at the connection between tattoos and the primary stress hormone, cortisol. As expected, cortisol goes into hyperdrive when getting that first tattoo. But over time, as an individual returns for more tattoos the rise in the cortisol level tends to abate, This is because the mind and body “learns” that the stressor (getting tattooed) is not as concerning as it once was, and therefore the stress hormone adapts accordingly, over time. This ability to mitigate the rise in the stress hormone when getting follow-up tattoos may also carry over into other forms of physical trauma, such as a visit to the dentist, doctor, or any other procedure where the body is poked and prodded for treatment for health ailments of all sorts. Think about it, after being under the tattoo gun a few times, that doctor’s needle no longer seems like a big deal, does it? Essentially, painful physical events that would typically cause stress (a rise in cortisol) become less and less impactful over time because the body and mind has been trained to accept it.

Of course, none of the wellness benefits above mean a thing if you don’t choose a studio renowned for health and safety best practices. Adrenaline Studios’ locations in Greater Vancouver BC and Toronto ON follow and exceed the stringent rules set forth by municipal, provincial, and federal governing bodies. View more on how to choose a tattoo studio near you, or simply contact one of our shops to schedule your consultation.

*Disclaimer: While the above controlled studies may show an improvement in immunity and cortisol levels, tattooing should not be looked at as a medical solution for those concerned about immune function, cortisol, stress, and other health related concerns. As always, consult with your physician when it comes to such matters.