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Benefits of Getting a Tattoo

The most obvious benefit to getting a tattoo is the fashionable aesthetic of it. When done well, it looks awesome. But there are other benefits and advantages that fresh ink can afford. Today, we’re going to list them, in case you haven’t considered how much of a positive impact a tattoo can have on your life.

Lesser Known Ways a Tattoo Can Positively Impact Your Life

1. Can Heal Past Trauma

This is quite possibly the greatest benefit, yet one that is often overlooked. Numerous studies have shown that tattoos are used as a positive coping mechanism by survivors of traumatic events, be it from one’s childhood or recent physical and/or emotional abuse. While the scope of this spans beyond our qualifications to speak deeply on the matter, we highly recommend reading a recent report from the University of Tennessee, impressively and appropriately titled “Therapeutic Aspects of Tattoo Acquisition: A Phenomenological Inquiry into the Connection Between Psychological Trauma and the Writing of Stories into Flesh” (click here).

In a perfect world this benefit would not need to be realized, but it’s not a perfect world, and so we are here to do our part to help you or a loved one heal, if needed.

2. Can Cover Skin Problems

No, we’re not suggesting a face tattoo to hide acne (although…), but tattoos can absolutely be leveraged to improve the aesthetics of many skin related issues on the body that you are currently living with. For one, under the careful hands of a professional, tattoos can be effectively used to cover up scars. In addition, they can help with stretch marks, along with skin discoloration, be it age-related or due to a condition such as vitiligo.

3. Can Enhance Your Physique

It’s no surprise that local gyms and fitness centers are peppered with muscular men and women that wear tattoos on their rippling flesh. In our recent article about how tattoos can enhance muscle, we discuss how an expert tattooist can help bring out definition and can draw attention to your “best” features (muscle groups), while at the same time can divert attention away from weaker spots, as you see them. There’s only one needle you should consider to improve the look of your muscle mass!

4. Can Improve Your Personal Brand

This is an unexpected benefit for many, especially since we’re coming off of past generations where certain professions looked down on visible tattoos. But fast forward to 2019 and beyond, and there is no doubt that things have changed. In our recent article about how tattoos can actually help your career, we reference recent studies that back the assertion, address how tattoos can positively differentiate your personal and brand marketing, along with some tips on optimal placement.

5. Can Connect You To Others

When you get a tattoo, you become part of a growing global tribe. It becomes a conversation piece that connects you to like minded people across the world and across different cultures. It may spark discussion at a local cafe, introduce an opportunity for engagement while traveling by plane, can form a bond between co-workers, and may even instigate a romantic spark that leads to love, marriage, and a baby carriage. A tattoo can also become a way to share an experience with a group you’re already a part of, and is absolutely used to strengthen the ties between couples and family members.

If you’ve identified with one or more of the above, it’s certainly time for a consolation. If you live within or are visiting the Greater Vancouver BC or Toronto ON area, contact Adrenaline Studios today.