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Are Tattoos Expensive in Canada

A reasonable hourly rate for getting a quality medium-to-large tattoo in Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto is $175 to $190 per hour. Tattoo prices vary by tattooist, accounting for length of tenure and specialization/s. Smaller tattoos are priced by piece, but there is a $100 minimum. With that in mind, are tattoos expensive? Some will say yes, some will say no. How you look at it may determine wether or not you move forward with your initial plan to get a tattoo. Before you make your decision we encourage you to consider the following.

3 Things to Consider When Deciding on Whether or Not Getting a Tattoo is Too Expensive for You

Remember, it’s with You for LIFE

There are very few things that you purchase that actually remain with you in life. All of the other “stuff” that you buy ends up on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or a donation bin as you move from one station in life to the next. Of course, a tattoo stays with you through your entire journey. How can something that will be a part of you for decades (until you move on to a higher plane) ever be considered expensive?

It’s Relatively Cheaper than Other Things You Spend On (with a better pay off!)

Before you dismiss a tattoo as being too expensive, have a look around your home. Do you have the latest 4K TV? The newest version of the iPhone or iPad? A designer jacket, dress, or pair of shoes that you only wear once a year to a special event? These things are fleeting. You only get use out of them for a few short years (or less) before you scrap them and move on to the next upgrade. The sunk cost is directly comparable to the price of even a large tattoo. The only difference, is that a tattoo is truly a part of you, and as referenced above – is with you for life. Also consider what you spend on a monthly basis on going out to eat, the movies, concerts, events, and short trips and vacations? Will these equally costly (when added up over time) activities provide the same sort of self-fulfilling satisfaction as a meaningful tattoo? It’s certainly worth sidelining these things for a few months to invest in something that will help you become a more truer version of yourself. When you look at it that way you’ll never look at a tattoo as being too expensive.

How to Save Money for a Tattoo

Are Tattoos Expensive? Despite what we’ve asked you to consider above and your realization that they really aren’t costly when compared to the other things you spend disposable income on, you may simply not have the money for it right now. Fret not, because we can provide advice on this as well. View our practical guide to saving money for a tattoo. When ready, contact a tattoo shop near you to schedule a consulation.