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Best Gifts for Tattoo Lovers

The Holiday season is upon us and you’re already scrambling for a great and personalized gift for that special someone in your life. The problem, is that the traditional route doesn’t cut it. There’s simply nothing of interest to be found at Best Buy, The Bay, Bed Bath & Beyond or Pottery Barn (what’s with all the B’s btw?). Heck, even Amazon doesn’t have the inventory to put a big and surprised smile on their face this coming December 25th. What are you to do with so few days left before the big day? Well, if that special someone is among the tattooed then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of practical Christmas gifts that will blow them away.

5 Practical Gifts for the Tattooed this Holiday Season

Tattoo Studio Gift Certificate

If they already have tattoos then they definitely want another one. That’s just how it works. They will LOVE this gift but unless you’ve got skills with a “machine” you need another way to make it happen – enter a gift certificate from a well-established tattoo studio in their city. A gift certificate can cover all or a significant portion of the work, and if there is balance left over it can be applied to in-house clothing and accessories, assuming that you choose the right shop! Contact an Adrenaline Studios near you (or the gift recipient) regarding gift certificates or similar arrangements to cover the cost of their tattoo.

Have a Tattoo Designed for Them

You may not have skills with a tattoo gun but you may have talent when it comes to pen and paper, with a result that can be used for a tattoo. This is a tight-budget means that comes with a very personal touch that they will enjoy for a lifetime. If you don’t have artistic skills you can commission an artist to create something that you know they’ll love, or better yet, commission a tattoo artist to create the design. Casually inquire with your friend or family member to find out the name of the tattooist who has done their previous work (assuming they have an ongoing relationship) and go see them on the down-low to get the design done. Once the expert work has been committed to paper, frame it, wrap it with a note, and present it to them on Christmas morning. View more on how to to get a tattoo designed.

Tattoo-Themed Clothing and Gear

Looking for something even more practical? Hook them up with tattoo-themed clothing and accessories that you won’t find on the rack or shelf at Winners. Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver and Toronto carries one of the top collections of tattoo-inspired gear in Canada. View the brands found within our walls right here.

A Piercing

Tattoos and piercings often go hand in hand, so a gift certificate that can be applied to a piercing as a gift is a great and affordable way to show your buddy or loved one that you’ve been paying attention. You can also include body jewelry in the purchase as an added bonus or stocking stuffer. View more on piercing and body jewelry available at Adrenaline Studios in Vancouver and Toronto.

Tattoo Removal for Cover Up

Has your compadre been complaining about a tattoo that they have grown tired of looking at? Are you growing tired of hearing about it? Then this is the two-for-one special you both need to make the season more merry! Get them a gift certificate that can be applied towards laser tattoo removal. With fewer sessions than required for outright removal, the process can be employed to fade the tattoo to the point a coverup can easily be applied. It’s a cost efficient (relatively speaking) yet highly effective way to give them exactly what they want this Holiday season. This is one gift that keeps on giving!

If you have any additional questions about gift certificates or the products/services above, or simply want to discuss your gift idea with a tattooist/piercer, contact an Adrenaline Studios near you today. Just don’t wait much longer as the Holiday season waits for no one!