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Can You Get a Tattoo Over Freckles

Hey there good lookin’, looking for some advice about tattooing over freckles? For starters, it’s entirely possible. Freckles are awesome and when you’ve got equally awesome ink to complement your look you elevate your distinctive style. But like with anything, it doesn’t hurt to gain some insight into what may or may not impact your decision to move forward today. Let’s get to it.

What You Need to Know About Tattooing Over Freckles

1. Choose a Design That Works

By definition, freckles are clusters of concentrated melanin that are most often visible on people with a fair skin complexion, and are typically found on the face but are also prevalent on other parts of the body including arms and upper torso. Given that the latter zones are common places for getting a tattoo, you will want to consider the tone created by your freckles and how it may impact a given tattoo design. If your freckles are very dark, you may be better served with a design that incorporates deep colors/tones over slight shading. In the end, it really comes down to tattooist skill, so be sure to do your homework about local tattoo artists and inquire with qualified candidates about their confidence and experience with tattooing over freckles.

2. How Freckles May Change in the Sun

Freckles are triggered by sunlight exposure as UV radiation causes melanocytes to produce more melanin, which in turn typically causes freckles to appear or become darker. That is why they are more prevalent in the summer and when you vacation to sunny destinations throughout the year. While not a big deal, even for summer worshippers, you may want to consider this when plotting your design. Either get your ink in the summer when your freckles are more pronounced so that you can account for the change in epidermis aesthetics, or simply let your tattooist know how they darken and “appear” in greater number in the sunny season. A great artist will adjust design, color, and tone accordingly.

3. Typically More Sensitive Skin

As mentioned above, freckles are more common on people with a fair skin complexion. Fair skinned people are typically more sensitively skinned people too. Because of this, extra attention to skin preparation (view tips here) and especially aftercare is essential. Follow your tattooists aftercare and healing regime to the tee and then some. Be sure to stay out of the ocean for the appropriate period, take precautions when traveling soon after getting inked, avoid alcohol and other impediments to quick healing, and exercise all around good common sense. Be diligent and your tattoo will succeed no matter how sensitive your wonderfully freckled skin may be.

4. Don’t Confuse Freckles With Moles

Some people searching for information about getting a tattoo over freckles may be throwing moles into the mix too. While most moles are harmless and benign, some (especially those that have reared their head and/or grown over time) will require careful monitoring. For this reason it’s not a good idea to tattoo over them as your physician and/or dermatologist will want to keep an eye on growth. That said, you don’t need to miss out on tattooing a part of your body with a significant mole on it. Instead, have a skilled artist work around it so that it can be hidden around the design, but still “accessible” to your doc or derm.

If you have any other questions or want to move forward on your design simply schedule a consultation for your over-the-top (of your freckles) tattoo at an Adrenaline shop near you.